WRAPS Wearable Charge and Sync MFi Lightning Cable: $14.44

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We have a deal on a wearable Lightning cable. Yeah, I know, it sounds weird, but the WRAPS MFi Lightning cable is designed to be worn around your wrist as a bracelet. The company’s promo video below shows how it works. The WRAPS cable is $16.99 through our deal, but promo code BFSAVE15 brings it down to $14.44 at checkout.

Slate Wrap for iPhone, a Study in Textured Black

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The Slate wrap from Slickwraps crossed my desk a few days ago, and the thing is that it stuck with me. I find it compelling. Attractive. It’s a study in textured blacks, and I do like black cases and covers for my devices (YMMV). Slickwraps has been knocking it out of the part with their wraps lately, too. In any event, the company is calling this a limited edition, and say that it protects from minor scratches and small drops. They have them for iPhones, several Android devices (if that’s your thing), and even a MacBook. The ones for smartphone are priced at US$24.95.

Slate Wrap for iPhone, a Study in Textured Black