Xiaomi Threatens to Sue Writers Who Cry Copycat Over 'Mimoji'

· Andrew Orr · Link

I wasn’t going to bother with Xiaomi’s new “Mimoji” until I learned the company is threatening to sue journalists who call it a copycat without providing evidence. It sounds like it’s only writers in China and not journalists in other countries, but that shouldn’t matter.

As Gizmochina notes, PR head Xu Jieyun posted the app’s naming timeline, and said that the “functional logic difference between the two products is huge.” It also promised “the next phase of action” against people who said it was copying Apple’s Memoji without proof.

Xiaomi Showed Off the First Double Folding Smartphone

· Charlotte Henry · Cool Stuff Found

Xiaomi Double Folding Smartphone

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi revealed a smartphone with a difference. On Wednesday, Senior Vice President Wang Xiang tweeted a video of Xiaomi President Bin Lin with a double folding smartphone. It is just a short clip, but it is pretty cool. The clip shows a video playing on the phone, and continuing to play as the sides of the device are folded back. The screen appears to take up almost the entire front of the device. There is also a longer video on WeiboNo word from Xiaomi on when it will be available to consumers though.

Wearable Market Breakdown, Harry Potter AR, iPhone X Camera - ACM 437

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

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Bryan and Jeff argue that the wearables market is breaking down into three competitors, Apple, Xiaomi, and Fitbit. All others are lolwannabes. They also think Harry Potter Wizards Unite will be way bigger than Pokémon Go, and talk about just how good the camera is on iPhone X.