Technology Trends in the Casino Industry

Casino technology has made significant advances in the past recent years, particularly online casinos. Every year, new gaming software is developed. The software comes with higher quality graphics and seem to more user-friendly. More gambling enthusiasts are turning to online and mobile casino games due to the accessibility of high-speed internet connections and the convenience they bring. Thus, making the entire market more competitive. This competitiveness drives the need for new innovations. This article discusses some of the most recent notable technology advances made in both land-based casinos and online casinos.

Facial Recognition Security Systems

One of the latest technologies to enter the casino industry is facial recognition. Facial recognition technology works by recording an individual’s facial characteristics and then comparing the structure, distance between the eyes mouth and nose, and the face’s general shape. Once the face is identified, entry is granted or denied.

The facial recognition technology is useful for casinos to help them understand who has arrived at their premises. Whether it is a famous person or a criminal. Also, for casinos that do not want blacklisted players to mess up their casino, facial recognition is a great technology to have.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

According to IDC, Digital reality market, which entails virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), is set to grow to up to $160 billion by end of 2020. This advanced technology works by overlaying the virtual reality over the real-world environment. In simple terms, it adds live computer graphic elements over the real-world environment to deliver all kinds of information to the user.

The VR and AR tech has also found its way into casinos. Players are putting on the headset devices and walking into a virtual environment filled with various slot machines and other games. This technology makes the players a part of the casino as they have a 360-degree view and interact with real-life objects while playing their favourite games.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain transactions are impossible to alter or tamper with, making all the information in the Blockchain safe and secure. This security is what has led to the creation of crypto casinos. The cryptocurrency casinos utilize Blockchain to protect players’ personal information. The quantity of transactions in and out of the online casino is also recorded within the Blockchain and can be accessed or verified at any time. This innovative technology will bring transparency and give players greater confidence in cryptocasinos.

Blockchain, transactions are completed faster and more efficiently, which is essential while making deposits and withdrawals at the casino.


Global Positioning System( GPS) receivers are now integrated into almost all mobile phones. It enables tracking the user’s exact location with unequaled accuracy offering detailed calculations like latitude and longitude with the help of satellite signals.

GPS and RFID signals are being used to track mobile casino players’ locations and offer them attractive packages. Players may win a shopping voucher or a free dinner at some fancy restaurant near them. The signals also help identify what type of player are you, so as to know which bonuses, or Indiafreespins that will suit you. Casinos also use GPS signals to let casino staff know special customers have arrived, so they are welcome.

Cashless Transactions

To speed up the deposit and withdrawal process, land-based casinos have recently introduced withdrawal coupons. The main aim of the coupons is to enable cashless transactions. Players no longer have to bring loads of cash into a casino (which is quite risky). So, whenever a player wins, they are issued a coupon that you can cash in on your way out. On the other hand, you can load money on the coupon and use it as playing money. This way, you don’t have to carry a briefcase filled with cash while going to the casino; instead, all you need is a coupon.