The Mac Observer Daily Headlines e-mail. Visit The Mac Observer at -- You'll get your Mac news here from now on... -------------------- Visit The Apple Store for great deals on new and refurbished Macs. Remember, even the refurbs come with a full warranty in almost all cases! -------------------- Headlines at The Mac Observer for Thursday, October 19, 2017 1. China Shuts Down Apple Watch LTE Support Over Tracking Concerns 2. Updated List of WPA-2 KRACK Patches in Consumer Routers 3. macOS: Archiving Messages from Apple Mail (Redux!) 4. macOS Sierra 10.12 Installer Download Still Available on Mac App Store 5. Society and iPhone Addiction, Apple and GE, iPhone X Paradigms – ACM 433 ---------- Join our Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group to get your questions answered and chat with other listeners! ---------- 1. CHINA SHUTS DOWN APPLE WATCH LTE SUPPORT OVER TRACKING CONCERNS China shut down LTE support for Apple Watch Series 3, and it’s likely over fears the smartwatch will be used to by other governments to track its citizens. 2. UPDATED LIST OF WPA-2 KRACK PATCHES IN CONSUMER ROUTERS We’re keeping an up-to-date list of KRACK-related router firmware updates so you can find out if one is available for your router. (Update, 19-Oct-2017, 9:30am EDT: Added info from TP-Link about why their routers might not be affected, and related that to what might be going on with Apple’s routers, too.) 3. MACOS: ARCHIVING MESSAGES FROM APPLE MAIL (REDUX!) Way back in 2014, Melissa Holt told us about how to export mailboxes to archive them out of Apple Mail, and in this article, she’s going to update us on a few changes in the process (and give us a caveat or two along the way)! 4. MACOS SIERRA 10.12 INSTALLER DOWNLOAD STILL AVAILABLE ON MAC APP STORE During this week’s Mac Geek Gab 679 we discussed how many people have emailed us asking for a macOS Sierra 10.12 installer download link… and no one can seem to find one. Searching the Mac App Store yields nothing and, thus far, there’s no Apple knowledgebase article with a link to it (Update: that KB article now exists). MGG Listener “Kirk van” came to the rescue with this Mac App Store download link to the macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Installer. 5. SOCIETY AND IPHONE ADDICTION, APPLE AND GE, IPHONE X PARADIGMS – ACM 433 Bryan Chaffin is joined by special guest Jeff Butts to go deep on societal implications of iPhone and smartphone addiction. They also talk about the big announcement from Apple and GE for Industrial IoT devices, as well as the new paradigms in Apple’s iPhone X.