The Mac Observer Daily Headlines e-mail. Visit The Mac Observer at -- You'll get your Mac news here from now on... -------------------- Visit The Apple Store for great deals on new and refurbished Macs. Remember, even the refurbs come with a full warranty in almost all cases! -------------------- Headlines at The Mac Observer for Tuesday, May 23, 2017 1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Already Hacked 2. iOS 10: Disabling Slack Indexing Might Improve Spotlight Search – Here’s How to Do It 3. Soverin Secure Email 1-Year Subscription: $10 4. IKEA Says Hello to HomeKit, Apple’s Diversity Boss, Huawei Targets the MacBook – TMO Daily Observations 2017-05-23 5. IKEA is Making HomeKit Smart Lights Affordable for Everyone 6. Apple and Nokia Reach Agreement in Patent Licensing Dispute 7. Supreme Court Just Killed Marshall Texas Patent Troll Business ---------- Join our Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group to get your questions answered and chat with other listeners! ---------- 1. SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 IRIS SCANNER ALREADY HACKED Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone iris recognition biometric security feature is surprisingly easy to hack. 2. IOS 10: DISABLING SLACK INDEXING MIGHT IMPROVE SPOTLIGHT SEARCH – HERE’S HOW TO DO IT Not everyone is experiencing this issue, but some have found that disabling Slack indexing makes Spotlight responsive again. 3. SOVERIN SECURE EMAIL 1-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION: $10 Our friends at Stack Commerce have put together a deal on a 1 year subscription to Soverin, the email service dedicated to protecting your data and privacy. There’s a lot to sat about Soverin, but the bottom line is that it’s an email service you pay for with money, rather than with your privacy. They make four commitments to their customers: no tracking, no advertising, no lock in, and privacy first. Plus, it’s encrypted. A 1 year subscription through us is $10. There are longer terms available, too. Click through to learn more. 4. IKEA SAYS HELLO TO HOMEKIT, APPLE’S DIVERSITY BOSS, HUAWEI TARGETS THE MACBOOK – TMO DAILY OBSERVATIONS 2017-05-23 HomeKit compatible products are about to become easier to find and more affordable thanks to IKEA. Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to talk about IKEA’s place in the smart home market, plus they noteDenise Young Smith’s new position at Apple, and Huawei’s new laptop that targets the MacBook. 5. IKEA IS MAKING HOMEKIT SMART LIGHTS AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE IKEA’s reputation for budget priced furniture carried over into smart lights last year, and now it’s about to do the same for HomeKit, too. 6. APPLE AND NOKIA REACH AGREEMENT IN PATENT LICENSING DISPUTE Apple and Nokia settled their patent licensing dispute on Monday and are besties again. 7. SUPREME COURT JUST KILLED MARSHALL TEXAS PATENT TROLL BUSINESS A patent battle over flavored water may turn into a win for iPhone and Mac maker Apple, and a big loss for patent trolls. Thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Monday, patent infringement cases must be filed in the jurisdiction where the offending company is incorporated, which will greatly limit the court choices open to patent trolls.