The Mac Observer Daily Headlines e-mail. Visit The Mac Observer at -- You'll get your Mac news here from now on... -------------------- Visit The Apple Store for great deals on new and refurbished Macs. Remember, even the refurbs come with a full warranty in almost all cases! -------------------- Headlines at The Mac Observer for Monday, January 16, 2017 1. Listener Comments on Consumer Reports, Apple Music Goes Pop Culture – TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-16 2. Apple’s ‘Practically Magic’ Commercials Take Dancing Stroll with AirPods 3. Apple Music Wants to be Pop Culture Central with Music and TV Shows 4. Next FlipBook Maker Pro for Mac: $39.99 ---------- Join our Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group to get your questions answered and chat with other listeners! ---------- 1. LISTENER COMMENTS ON CONSUMER REPORTS, APPLE MUSIC GOES POP CULTURE – TMO DAILY OBSERVATIONS 2017-01-16 TDO listeners have plenty to say about how Consumer Reports rates laptops, so today dive into their comments. Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to respond to listener comments, plus they share their thoughts on Apple Music becoming a pop culture nexus. 2. APPLE’S ‘PRACTICALLY MAGIC’ COMMERCIALS TAKE DANCING STROLL WITH AIRPODS Apple has new spots out with the tagline “practically magic.” The spots focus on a young dancer taking a Stroll through a city scape using AirPods to enjoy “Down” by Marian Hill. There are four spots in the series, the longer one below and three short ones. Two of the short ones focus on Siri and Pairing, while the third one is called Notes, and uses AirPods to represent notes on a staff. Stroll takes a whimsical look at the power of music by showing the dancer defy gravity. I think the imagery is compelling and the message simple and straightforward. Check it out. 3. APPLE MUSIC WANTS TO BE POP CULTURE CENTRAL WITH MUSIC AND TV SHOWS Apple Music front man Jimmy Iovine all but confirmed last week’s report that Apple is on the hunt for original scripted TV shows for the subscription service. He said Apple is looking for ways to set the streaming music service apart from Spotify, and that Apple Music is going to be a big part of the pop culture experience. 4. NEXT FLIPBOOK MAKER PRO FOR MAC: $39.99 We have a deal today on Next Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac. This software helps you make PDFs and images into HTML5 flipbooks. It does Flash, too, but seriously, HTML5. You can embed YouTube, local video, music, images, buttons, charts, and hyperlinks, and it has batch conversion abilities, too. It’s priced at $39.99, which is 86% off retail. Check out the details on the deal listing.