The Mac Observer Daily Headlines e-mail. Visit The Mac Observer at -- You'll get your Mac news here from now on... -------------------- Visit The Apple Store for great deals on new and refurbished Macs. Remember, even the refurbs come with a full warranty in almost all cases! -------------------- Headlines at The Mac Observer for Tuesday, June 25, 2024 1. iPhone XS Could Outperform iPhone SE 1st Gen and iPhone 6s with iOS 19 Support 2. Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 197 for macOS 15 Sequoia 3. Don’t Blame Apple for Dysfunctional RCS in iOS 18 4. Apple Reportedly Rejected Meta’s AI Chatbot Integration Amid Privacy Concerns 5. How to Completely Uninstall PostgreSQL on Your Mac 6. Apple Unveils iPhone Mirroring and More in New Developer Betas 7. How to Downgrade From iOS 18 beta to iOS 17: Quick guide 8. Apple Unveils Second visionOS 2 Beta for Developers 9. Apple Rolls Out macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 2 for Developers 10. 7 Ways You Can Get a (Decent) Mac With Discounts 11. Apple Rolls Out iOS 18 & iPadOS 18 Beta 2 for Developers ---------- Join our Mac Geek Gab Forums to get your questions answered and communicate with other listeners! ---------- 1. IPHONE XS COULD OUTPERFORM IPHONE SE 1ST GEN AND IPHONE 6S WITH IOS 19 SUPPORT Should Apple roll out next year’s iOS 19 update to the iPhone XS, it could make it one of the longest-supported iPhones. 2. APPLE RELEASES SAFARI TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW 197 FOR MACOS 15 SEQUOIA Apple is rolling out Safari Technology Preview 197 update with support for the upcoming macOS 15 Sequoia, right on schedule. 3. DON’T BLAME APPLE FOR DYSFUNCTIONAL RCS IN IOS 18 iPhone iOS 18 beta has RCS toggle, but it’s carriers, not Apple, causing the current limited functionality. RCS features likely in September 4. APPLE REPORTEDLY REJECTED META’S AI CHATBOT INTEGRATION AMID PRIVACY CONCERNS Apple rejected Meta AI chatbot for iPhones due to privacy concerns & favor partnerships with rivals like OpenAI & Google’s Gemini. 5. HOW TO COMPLETELY UNINSTALL POSTGRESQL ON YOUR MAC Learn how to completely uninstall PostgreSQL on your Mac in this complete guide. We’ll cover removing the app and your login details. 6. APPLE UNVEILS IPHONE MIRRORING AND MORE IN NEW DEVELOPER BETAS Apple’s new dev betas bring iPhone mirroring to Mac, new SharePlay features, & possible App Store changes on iPad 7. HOW TO DOWNGRADE FROM IOS 18 BETA TO IOS 17: QUICK GUIDE After testing beta software, you may want to roll back to stable release. Here’s how to downgrade from iOS 18 Beta with or without data loss 8. APPLE UNVEILS SECOND VISIONOS 2 BETA FOR DEVELOPERS Apple’s visionOS 2 beta brings 3D photos, AirPlay support & more for developers to test & refine before public release this fall. 9. APPLE ROLLS OUT MACOS 15 SEQUOIA BETA 2 FOR DEVELOPERS Apple has released the macOS 15 Sequoia beta 2 for developers with several new additions, including the support for iPhone Mirroring. 10. 7 WAYS YOU CAN GET A (DECENT) MAC WITH DISCOUNTS Apple’s computers are expensive, but there are a number of alternatives you can try to get yourself a Mac with a good discount 11. APPLE ROLLS OUT IOS 18 & IPADOS 18 BETA 2 FOR DEVELOPERS Around two weeks after the WWDC keynote, Apple is now rolling out the second betas of the upcoming iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 for the developers.