The Best PC Sports Games for 2021

Gaming on the PC still remains one of the most popular ways for players to access their favourite games. Sports games are almost as big as slots online, and there is undoubtedly a wide range of options with every sport covered. So, if you enjoy playing sports games on your PC, here are some of the best offerings you will find for 2021.

Rocket League

If racing cars is your thing, then rocket League is a fantastic offering that has been developed by Psyonix. It is remote control car racing that meets an unusual element of football team-based interaction and competition. That is totally addictive and offers players plenty of action and fun. We were hooked from the first time we picked up the controls, and it is still a popular game that we return to time and time again. One of the other benefits of Rocket League is that it is a cross-platform offering, which means that console players are also available, so you can find the perfect person to play with.

Baseball videogame

Baseball Stars 2

If the solid clunk of bat against ball is more your thing, then Baseball Stars 2 is worth checking out. This is an arcade-style game and features two baseball leagues, with 18 teams who are actually all fictional as this game does not have a Major League Baseball licence. It has been around for over two decades now when it first made its arcade demo through Neo Geo and still hasn’t lost anything in translation. It is easy to control, the animation is adorable, and it has every element of the actual game right in front of you for your enjoyment.

FIFA Soccer Videogame


It’s unlikely that you will find any list of PC sports games that don’t feature one of the FIFA games. FIFA 21 is obviously the current version, but all of them are entirely playable, and we know that many of you still love your older leagues. You can also get FIFA Online 4, so if football is your game, there is plenty of entertainment on offer from your desktop. With all the pitch-side action, your favourite players and lots more, this certainly makes our top list.

wrestling videogame

WWE 2K16

If you fancy a bit more down and dirty action, then why not consider WWE 2K16. It is time to head to the boxing ring and take down your opponent. Most things go in a WWE ring with smackdowns, throwdowns and plenty of in the face action. It has to be said this is a great way to get out of work mode and kick back and relax. It’s also a safe space to take out your frustrations if someone in the office has annoyed you.

Football Manager 2020

Perhaps you fancy taking on the role of the manager, in which case football manager 2020 makes a perfect sports game for you. Initially built for Sega, it is now a PC game as well, and the amount of detail that has been built into this instalment is simply astounding. As the club manager, you are responsible for transfers, working out the on-field tactics, and everything else required to take your club to Football League glory. This is not the first incarnation of this game, but improvements have certainly been made since the 2018 offering. The graphics are sharper, the match engine is better, and the backroom staff roles are enhanced. If you adore football but sadly couldn’t cut it on the field, now you have the chance to manage your team and take them to the top of the League.

Super Mega Baseball 3

A slightly different slant on the baseball field, this is basically a game that has been designed to function somewhat like an interactive baseball card. It comes from Metalhead Software and is truly remarkable if you love baseball. As the name suggests, this is the third time this game has been reincarnated, and it also contains some significant improvements on previous incarnations. We now have better on-field enhancements, there is gameplay mode for both default and custom ball clubs, which gives an even closer to real-life simulation offering, and you can enter cross-platform play if you want to hang out with your console playing buddies. This really is a work of art, and the statistics and detail that you get from this game are second to none and only beaten by the actual game itself.

These are just a few offerings, and there are plenty of others in other sports areas that give you a chance to take part in your favourite game. Many of them offer the cross-platform functionality that has proven to be so popular, and many are multiplayer games which means you can team up with your friends for some friendly competition.