The Best Ways to Manage Your Business Without Even Opening Your Mac

MacBook on a table with glasses and a mouse

For the overwhelming majority of us, it is growing increasingly difficult for us to remember the last time we went anywhere without our phones – whether that’s intentionally, or accidentally. If we do find ourselves without them, however briefly, it presents a jarringly unfamiliar scenario – one so incongruous that we find ourselves reaching for an empty pocket, sensing imaginary vibrations, and envisioning the entire world attempting to get hold of us, at least every minute that we go through without it.

Still, many of us continue to draw a somewhat arbitrary line between what we can get done on our phones, versus what can only be done on the computer. Our Macs remain a constant companion during business hours, even when it is inconvenient for us to whip them out, and connect them to any available Wi-Fi network.

We have, however, all heard it said many times over how 5G is going to transform the global playing field for businesses – and that means an increasing emphasis on the work we get done on our phones, particularly when we are out and about.

Even now, as we teeter on the edge of a fifth generation of connectivity, there exists plenty of untapped potential for business just sitting in the palms of our hands.

Read more about the best ways to manage your business on your iPhone, below.

Website Management

Web design and management can be as simple or as complex as you allow it to be.

If you attempt to build your site from nothing but a blank, white screen, and to tackle all the technical and visual elements at once, then not only will you want to have a wealth of time, patience, and skill at your disposal, but you will also want to be stationed at – or, more accurately, glued to – a competent and powerful computer.

If, on the other hand, you work to create a website via a purpose-built platform and utilise all of the industry-standard tools for design, optimisation and management, then the scope for creating a more versatile and spontaneous approach to overseeing your website grows dramatically. In the Wix Mobile App, for instance, every stage of the process – from site creation itself to management, buying, selling, blogging, and customer service – can be accomplished to the same high standard without requiring you to remain fixed at your MacBook screen.

Photo Editing

Whether the extent of your business’s photo requirements begins and ends with Instagram, or your entire business is centred around the photographic medium, a strong, user-friendly and affordable editing software remains central to almost any brand operating online today.

In days gone by, photo editing placed significant demands on the editor – both in terms of their capabilities as an artist, and their ability to use, understand, and pay for complex – and, at times, downright confounding – photo editing programmes which were, you guessed it, limited to the computer screen.

These days, thanks to the increasing significance this medium holds for social media and online marketing across so many industries, a wide array of intuitive and comprehensible photo editing software is available via app downloads. Google Photos has recently augmented its own editing tools, while household names like Facetune and Photoshop continue to lean on AI to ensure better results with minimal effort.

There is, of course, no one-size-fits-all software; some of us will need only basic functions, while others will require something that sits halfway between catering to amateurs and industry professionals. Some of the best photo editing apps offer a wide variety of features, price points and intuitive tools to make photo editing as quick or as disciplined as you need it to be.

Social Media Tools

Staying on top of your business’s various social media accounts can be incredibly time-consuming. Not only do you want to ensure that you are engaging directly with followers and creating regular, high quality posts, but you also need to be planning, monitoring metrics, and creating those next posts before the previous posts have even cooled off.

In essence, it is a time drain…but it is totally worthwhile, given the high ROI effective social media strategies can yield.

As with any endeavour, surrounding yourself with the right tools – tools that are ready to take on increased demand as your profiles grow – will prove to be the most important decision you make. These tools can take on various guises – for instance, Planoly is dedicated to ensuring a strong visual strategy on Instagram, while iPhone exclusive Apple Clipsmakes the process of creating clean, crisp and captioned video-based content much quicker and simpler.

What’s more, merely learning how to utilise the business tools on offer via these platforms will make a significant difference to your ability to catch up on work from your phone. Instagram Insights, for instance, offers a handy yardstick with which you can measure your successes and near-misses.

Enhancing your ability to do business from your phone will prove invaluable to you; not only will it ensure that the working day (and, at times, night) will fit much better around your movements, but that you will be able to increase your level of insight, and enhance those operations that, at this point in time, remain fixed on your computer screen.