The money-saving secret for all Samsung S10 owners

2020 has been perhaps one of the strangest years in recent memory, had we all have expected such a chaotic year we may perhaps not welcome the year with such celebration on December 31st, 2019. Apart from the last dose of normality for some time, 2019 was the year Samsung launched their S10 smartphone. As far as 10th anniversaries go, for the S series, the Samsung S10 is a worthy champion. Its Infinity screen is so large it shunted the front camera from its usual position, the triple-lens rear camera can take ultra-wide photos, and it’s PowerShare feature allows Samsung users to share their battery with friends whose devices have run out of charge.

Its predecessor, the S9, did not fare too well in the global market, leaving many doubting the S10 would shatter any records. Defying analysts, from March to May the S10 sold 16 million units, and in the first quarter, a staggering 78 million devices were sold worldwide. The phone was well received and came just at the right time as S8 owners were ready to replace their devices and other smartphone owners were in the market for an upgrade. All of these things worked in Samsung’s favour.

However, the Samsung S10 did not come cheap, on release it was out of reach for buyers who prefer to purchase outright. This has been the case for several recent devices, whose prices have risen as the technology contained grows. To get around this many opt for network contracts, these contracts offer tech-hungry consumers the chance to own the latest smartphones without the discomfort of forking out a large chunk of money. Instead, buyers can spread the cost over a long period of time. This may sound great, but it comes with catches and can cost you money.

There’s a way around these catches and a way to save money on your Samsung S10.

Forget about roaming charges

Your phone probably costs you enough without you being hampered with inflated bills when travelling as the result of large roaming charges. When you purchase a network contract, the device is locked to that network, which means you cannot use another SIM with the device. Subsequently, if you want to use your phone abroad you have no choice but to accept the roaming charges of your network, which in many cases can be extortionate.

Unlocking your device solves this problem. Once your device is unlocked you can use any SIM, local or not, with your device. This means when you travel all you have to do is find a local store, purchase a SIM with enough data to last your trip, insert it into your phone and use your phone as normal. With WhatsApp now able to make calls, this means the functionality of your phone does not change at all and you face no roaming charges.

Bang for your buck on data

As smartphone ownership reaches levels never seen before, the market for a competitive minute and data packages grows. Beyond the traditional large network providers there now exists a thirsty market for emerging companies offering pretty outstanding SIM-only deals where for as little as £10 a month a user can access everything they need to last a month. These SIM-only deals also have no minimum contract and are cancelled whenever the buyer wishes.

However, smartphone owners with locked devices have no access to this market. Unlocking your device means you can use any SIM you wish with your device whether it is paid for or not. You could drastically reduce your monthly overheads by unlocking and choosing a SIM-only option.

Get more for your second-hand device

It has become the norm when seeking to upgrade a smartphone to trade-in, recycle or sell current devices. The second-hand market for smartphones is booming, proving to be a great way for eager consumers to top up the down payment for their new devices or contribute toward escaping their contract early. Not many people know but unlocked devices are usually worth around 20-30% MORE than locked devices, they also sell quicker and are attractive to more customers. Unlocking your device usually costs around £20, this cost is outweighed immediately upon sale.

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