The Next Ten Years of Apple: What Does the Future Hold?

For much of the 21st century, Apple have been one of the tech industry’s leading players. Because of that, it’s pivotal that the brand retains its popularity throughout the 2020s. However, to do so, the company may have to alter their existing strategies and consider alternative approaches to various aspects of their operations. So, with a need to stay relevant, what does the future hold for Apple? Well, let’s consider numerous avenues that the tech giants could explore.

Embracing New Technology and Stepping Away from Apps

As is the case in any line of work, it’s of utmost importance to evolve in order to cater to audience demands. Over the next ten years, that’s something that Apple will need to embrace. Throughout the past two decades, Apple have led by example regarding the available opportunities at their app store. However, they may opt to move away from applications as time evolves. According to DEV, 80 percent of users don’t use their downloaded apps after three months. As such, this somewhat indicates that apps won’t be the future of the mobile industry. Instead, Apple may seek to use HTML5 and 5G in order to make their services accessible on any browser.

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Trying Out New Things

As touched on above, evolution is central to securing long-lasting relevancy. As such, aside from potentially adopting a less-app-focused approach, the company should consider exploring different markets. To their credit, Apple have done so in recent years. This is evident from the release of their Apple Watch back in April 2015. Apart from hardware experiments, they also have their music label, Apple Records, and are in talks with Hyundai to launch their first electric car, according to Carwow.

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From an entertainment standpoint, there are still several markets that Apple are yet to explore. Having enhanced their gaming, music, and television profile by launching their own subscription services, rumors suggest that eSports could be next for the tech giants. In 2020, speculation hinted that Apple were creating a high-end Mac, which would set consumers back $5,000. At the time of writing, Apple have the financial power and infrastructure to be branch out into competitive gaming. Given that it’s a highly lucrative and ever-growing market, it may provide the key to their success during the 2020s.

There’s Much for Apple to Consider

Because of the California-based company’s recent success, they’ve earned the right to bide their time before jumping into unknown markets. However, a leap of faith may be what’s required to re-establish themselves as the leading technology organization ahead of Samsung. What they decide to do, however, remains to be seen.