4 Instagram Alternatives to Share Your Photos On

Facebook is bringing a lot of changes to Instagram, and many users aren’t happy about it. Whether it’s cloning Snapchat or enabling an activity status, the photo platform is becoming bloated with features. We’ve searched the App Store to tell you about some Instagram alternatives, if you’re looking for one.


Screenshots of VSCO, one of the Instagram alternatives.I’ve reviewed VSCO before, and I personally think it’s a great platform. VSCO is about sharing creativity, and it’s not about collecting likes, hearts, or comments. You can favorite and republish photos you like, but the main goal is to share your photos with like-minded creators, and find inspiration in the community. ┬áVSCO is a camera, editor, and platform in one. | VSCO – Free


Screenshots of Flickr, one of the Instagram alternatives.Flickr is probably one of the oldest photo platforms. It gives you a free terabyte of cloud storage for your photos, and lets you edit, share, and organize your photos in the app. Share photos to your public camera roll, and look at other users’ public photos as well. | Flickr – Free


Screenshots of Oggl, one of the Instagram alternatives.Oggl is developed from the same team that created Hipstamatic. You can discover and collect photos, tell a story through your photography, edit photos with Hipstamatic filters, and take photos with the built-in camera. | Oggl – Free


Screenshots of EyeEm, one of the Instagram alternatives.EyeEm is a photo sharing platform what is built around getting you paid. Publish your best photos to the EyeEm market, where brands, image buyers, and media outlets can choose to buy them, similar to a stock image website. You can also participate in EyeEm Missions, which are challenges created by big brands. | EyeEm – Free

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