You Cannot Access Peacock Using a VPN

Peaccock does not allow access if using a VPN

NBCUniversal prevents access to Peacock via a VPN, The Mac Observer has discovered. The service is only available in America, and it appears those traveling will not be able to access it when doing so.

NBCUniversal Peacock Logo

No Peacock Access Via VPN at Home or Abroad

Following its recent launch, the streaming service is only available in the U.S. If you go to when elsewhere, a grey screen and a message reading “this service is unavailable in your region” appears. The normal way around this is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Users often do this when trying to stream something when abroad,. Turning a VPN on and setting the region to U.S. does allow you to signup to the free version of Peacock. However, as soon as the user tries to actually watch Peacock content with a VPN turned on an error message appears.

Peaccock does not allow access if using a VPNAs copyright stands, NBCUniversal is perfectly entitled to restrict access to Peacock to certain territories I’m in London and this is an American service offered by an American rightsholder. I can’t watch it. However, it does mean that Americans traveling will be in the same situation. Furthermore, those in the U.S using a VPN for security and privacy reasons will have to turn it off to access Peacock. That’s more of a concern than international access, and not even the cat’s sympathetic eyes can make it better.

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