I’ve had my AirPods for about week now, and they quickly became one of my favorite Apple innovations in recent memory. They fit my audio needs (and ears) and, like the Beats Solo3, solve all my complaints about Bluetooth headphones.


I’m also learning a few good tips and Siri commands that go well with AirPods, so I figured it was time to share with the rest of the class. Let’s start with the basics.

Setup couldn’t be simpler

Just in case this isn’t already known or obvious, setting up your AirPods probably couldn’t be simpler.

As long as your iPhone runs iOS 10.2 or later, simply open the case (AirPods inside) next to your iPhone while it’s unlocked (to be safe, hold them close together). Your iPhone will quickly display a prompt recognizing that your AirPods are near. Tap the Connect button, and you’re done.

Also remember that once your pair AirPods with one of your devices, they’ll work on all your other compatible Apple devices. That’s right: no more manually pairing them to multiple, individual devices.

But you can pair them with other devices

Naturally, Apple baked some extra magic into AirPods when used with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. But underneath it all, they’re good ol’ fashioned Bluetooth headsets, which means they should pair with just about any other compatible devices.

To pair with non-Apple devices, put your AirPods in the case. Open the case, then press and hold the setup button on the back until the status light inside blinks white. Now you can pair like normal with other phones, tablets, and computer.

Change AirPods behavior, double tap control

Because of their wonderfully minimal design, there are only a couple AirPods controls that you can adjust. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, then tap the (i) next to your AirPods to see your options.

The main control is a double tap on either AirPod. By default, that triggers Siri, but you can change it to be a play/pause control or to do nothing.

The other main option you can control, Automatic Ear Detection, will pause playing audio if you remove one AirPod, and stop audio if you remove both. You can disable this if you’d rather control those options yourself.

Finally, both of your AirPods have a microphone so they can be used as a Bluetooth headset and for Siri. By default, your AirPods can automatically switch microphones if you remove one. Or you can specify that the mic only works in the left or right AirPod.

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Lee Dronick

By default, when you double tap an AirPod, you’ll trigger Siri. last week at an Apple Store I tried on a demo pair of AirPods. Siri was not enabled, though I could listen to music, anyway is there a specific spot where you need to touch in order to invoke Siri? I’ve even seen a few people on Twitter mention that they find their AirPods so comfortable, they leave them in even when not listening to audio. I could not get over how well they fit, yet felt very light. I tried to shakeout the demo AirPods, but could not… Read more »