Next, we have the gesture to swipe between full-screen apps. If you swipe right or left with two fingers on Magic Mouse 2, your full-screen apps will cycle forward and backward.

Magic Mouse Mac Gestures - Next Full Screen App

To cycle forward through your full-screen apps, swipe right with two fingers

Magic Mouse Mac Gestures - Previous full-screen app

To move backward through your full-screen apps, swipe left with two fingers

Finally, Apple provides us with a quick way to access Mission Control. If you double-tap your Magic Mouse 2 with two fingers, the Mission Control app will launch, allowing you get a bird’s-eye view of all of your open windows, full-screen apps, Split View spaces, and desktop spaces.

Magic Mouse Mac Gestures - Mission Control

To activate Mission Control, double-tap your Magic Mouse with two fingers

That’s All, Folks

Apple doesn’t provide as many Magic Mouse Mac gestures as it does for trackpads, but that’s pretty understandable. It’s a smaller device, and the trackpads allow for more of your hand on the device. These gestures allow for quite a bit more productivity and efficiency, though, which is always a good thing.

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Now if Apple would allow me to turn off one finger swipe in Mail.
It is way too sensitive and I am constantly activating the side swipe to Archive/Delete.
Very annoying.



Thank you, this was very helpful.
I had been wondering why occasionally Safari would slide the page to the left or right and show me another page. I honestly never connected it with a gesture. So I’ve gone in and made several changes to the settings, some I’ve turned on and some off. Safari works much more smoothly for me now.