The threat of terrorism has already made it very difficult to be productive when flying to the United States. The struggle is about to become even more real, as the Trump administration is likely to expand the ban on laptops and tablets in carry-on luggage to some European countries. Since all you’ll be left with is your iPhone, here are three things that will help make your flight more productive on those long flights home.

Stay more productive even on long flights when you can't have your MacBook or iPad

You can stay more productive with your iPhone on those long flights back to the U.S. with these tips (Image Credit: Unsplash

A Bluetooth Portable Keyboard Will Make Your Flight More Productive

A Bluetooth keyboard will keep you more productive

A Bluetooth keyboard is a must-have on long flights when you can’t carry on your MacBook or iPad

The keyboard on the iPhone has definitely gotten better, and can be almost stellar with certain third-party apps. However, nothing beats a good external keyboard when you’re trying to stay productive. There are a number of options available to help speed up your typing, so make sure you find one that fits nicely in your carry-on and has plenty of battery life. My favorite, so far, is the Zagg Pocket Keyboard.

The Microsoft Office Suite for iPhone

Stay more productive on flights from Europe with Microsoft Office

When traveling home from overseas, a good office suite is a handy thing to have

I was tempted to include the iWork suite instead (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote). However, the fact is Microsoft Office is the de facto standard for corporate America. The iOS versions of Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are stellar apps that translate perfectly back to the desktop. Whether you’re working on a spreadsheet of your latest sales figures or typing a proposal for another client, Office 365 is probably what you turn to. Make sure these apps are installed on your iPhone, or that flight home is going to be a real bummer.

Split View on the iPhone 7 Plus

Be more productive with Split View on the iPhone 7 Plus

Split View on the iPhone 7 Plus can make you more productive

Sorry, folks, Split View on iPhone 7 Plus is not the same as Split View for iPad. You can’t multitask with it. You can, however, use Split View mode on iPhone 7 Plus be more productive in certain apps. This mode, activated in iOS 10 by turning your iPhone to landscape orientation, works in apps like Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Safari, and more. It provides you with a two-column view, making more efficient use of the screen real estate. That way, you don’t have to tap the back button as often. Split View is also available on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.

What Productivity Tips do You Have?

This is just a brief look at ways you can make your flight home more productive and enjoyable. You shouldn’t leave out those Netflix downloaded movies, of course. You need some entertainment, after all. But what other productivity tips can you think of that will help make the most of the iPhone when flying back to the U.S. from Europe or the Middle East?

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Scott B in DC

Read a book. It saves the battery, gives your eyes a break from the bright screen and exercises your mind.