6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your iPhone Photos

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After the Shot: Color

Unless you stick to black and white like me, color is the next thing to focus on. There are different tools that control colors. Things like saturation, vibrance, and temperature. Saturation lets you control the intensity of a color. Increasing saturation makes iPhone photos look more colorful, but it can also look unnatural if you increase it too much.

If you slightly increase saturation, it can make skin tones look warm, which is great for portraiture. Vibrance is similar to saturation, but it’s smarter. Vibrance increases the intensity of muted colors in your photo, and it leaves already-saturated colors alone. If you use a tool that has both saturation and vibrance, I recommend using vibrance.

Temperature makes the photo look warm or cold. You can control the temperature to match the subject. For example, you can decrease the temperature a little in a winter photo. This emphasizes how cold it is. For autumn or summer photos, increasing the temperature gives a warm, cozy feeling. Color tools are found in the iPhone Photos app.

iPhone photos with heavy grain go well with black and white.
Adding heavy grain to iPhone photos.

After the Shot: Grain

Copying old school film photography is all the rage nowadays. Adding a bit of grain (also called noise) to your photo adds texture, and counters the smooth, almost plastic look that digital cameras create. Grain looks good with black and white photography. For color photography, you can add grain, slightly decrease contrast, and slightly decrease saturation for a quick analog look.

In the Photos app, the grain tool and be found under black and white. Add all of the grain you want, then tap the B&W button to bring it back to color. Grain is virtually traditional in black and white photography. Some people don’t like grain in color photos, and that’s okay. Above all, experiment! Try different filters, editing tools, and camera techniques. Find your style and stand out.

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