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[Update #96 June 15th, 2018: With Bitcoin down to $6400-ish, faucets are paying more satoshis.

Cointiply added a new building to their Mining Game, as well as Cointiply Rewarded Videos and Cointiply PTC Ads. This remains my favorite faucet.

Added EarnBitcoinsNow to the confirmed list.

Added Premium BTC Faucet to the confirmed list.

Testing USDMemes, the first faucet I’ve seen that pays out in dollars to Skrill, an online payment service.


Testing (waiting for a withdrawal).

I’m still testing CryptoFarmer. I don’t advise anyone deposit with them as their business model remains opaque. I’m personally having fun slowly building my “farm” with just the starting balance.

  • Bryan]

I’ve put together a list of Bitcoin faucets that pay. They won’t make you rich, but I test and monitor my list to make sure they pay. If you need more info on Bitcoins, check out my Bitcoin primer or my faucet guide, How to Make Money with Bitcoin Faucets.

Bitcoins Raining Down

Bitcoin Faucets that Pay

Bitcoin faucets work by paying out tiny fractions of a Bitcoin in exchange for loading a page full of ads. Other sites pay Bitcoins for watching videos or doing tasks.

You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet, either a standalone client-side wallet or a cloud-based wallet like or CoinBase. Other wallets: DogecoinEthereum (CoinBase also supports Ethereum), Bitcoin cash (

Get Free Bitcoins from Bitcoin Faucets that Pay

CoinRangePeriodPayoutsWithdrawalSpecial Notes
CointiplyBitcoin70 – 100,000 satoshis60 MinsFaucet Hub35,000 CoinsNew top paying faucet! Not weighted, either, and they pay a bonus if you roll a prime number! 🤓 Offers games-that-pay-you and paid-for-clicks tasks.
Bitcoin20 – 2,000 satoshis60 MinsDirect30,000 satoshisBest faucet, period – see review for features
Bitcoin3-180 satoshis5 MinsCoinPotInstantRedirects, pays more the longer page sits. Loyalty bonus that can double your payout. Now uses CoinPot.
Bitcoin24 – 120 satoshis15 MinsCoinPotInstant Redirects, great faucet. Now uses CoinPot.
BitcoinVariableDailyDirectVariableRegister, refer your friends, get free Bitcoins and several altcoins every day without even logging on. Added Bitcoin forks, automated payments. Highly recommended. [Update 4/6/2018:Qoinpro is offline for maintenance. I’m confident they’ll return.]
Instant-BTCBitcoinVariable5 MinsXapo1,250Moon Bitcoin clone, with similar structure. Pays out to Xapo.
Bitcoin10-35 satoshisDirect60 Minutes30,000 satoshisThere is a lot going on with this faucet, including the main faucet, offerwalls, bonuses, and gambling (which we do not test). Redesigned in October 2017.
Multi-CoinFaucet.comBitcoinEthereum Cryptocoin24 satoshis (two faucets)Faucet
60 Minutes70,000 satoshisThere are two faucets (Dice Roll and Earn > Faucet) for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Pays out to FaucetHub. [Update: They began payout again on 11/18/17]
SwissAdsPaysFaucetBitcoin22-8,659 satoshisFaucet
Hub or Coinbase
60 Minutes80,000 satoshisUses same engine as MultiCoinFaucet, but is Bitcoin only. [Update:Payments resumed January 22nd, 2018.]
CryptoMiningGameMultipleVariableVariableWeeklyVariableA game faucet that pays to FauceHub. Do missions to increase payouts. Read full review for more.
EarnBitcoinsNowBitcoin25 satoshis5 MinsFaucet HubInstantThis is the best 5 minute faucet I’ve seen in a long time. Pays out instantly to FaucetHub. Do the short link for 15 satoshis, plus 10 for the faucet.
Premium BTC FaucetBitcoin20 satoshis5 MinsFaucet HubInstantStraight forward FacuetHub faucet. Multiple CAPTCHAs. Pays instantly.
Bitcoin20-80 satoshis5 MinsDirect20,000 satoshis Redirects, straight forward faucet
Bitfun.coBitcoinVariableCoinPotVariableN/APlay games (with ads), earn satoshis. Withdraw immediately to CoinPot. Bitcoin40 dash10 MinsFaucet HubManualHas bonus claims, easy to use.
BitcoinFaucet BTCBitcoin4-10 satoshis15 MinsFaucet HubManualHas bonus claims, easy to use.
Bitcoin20-1,200 satoshis60 MinsFaucet HubN/AStraight forward faucet. Payouts haven’t decreased with the increase in Bitcoin, and I’ve moved it up on the list.
Bitcoin20-40 satoshis60 MinsDirect10,000 satoshis30 second timer on Submit
Bitcoin6 satoshis5 MinsFaucet HubManualTriple CAPTCHA
GetCoinFreeBitcoin3-5 satoshisFaucetHub5 minutes21,000 satoshisBack down to 5 minute faucet with lower payments.
Claim BTCBitcoin7-19 satoshis1 MinsFaucet Hub
Bitcoin10-30 satoshis5 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, double CAPTCHA, adds 1 satoshi to reward for each use
BitemplumBitcoin75 satoshisXapoDaily10,000 satoshisClaim 15 satoshis five times per day, but can do all five at once. WARNING: CPU mines without permission, though it does pay a bonus.

Get Free Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin Cash Faucets that Pay

CoinRangePeriodPayoutsWithdrawalSpecial Notes
Bitcoin Cash81-400 satoshis5 MinsCoinPotInstantRedirects, pays more the longer page sits. Loyalty bonus that can double your payout. Now uses CoinPot. Recently moved to
Claim BCHBitcoin Cash17-57 satoshis5 MinsFaucet HubInstantLots of redirects. Use the short links to add significantly to your claims.
Bitcoin Cash40 satoshis10 MinsFaucet HubInstantConverted to Bitcoin Cash, pays out flat 50 satoshis to FaucetHub.
Bitcoin Cash100-250 satoshis15 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, pays Bitcoin Cash direct to FaucetHub
Bitcoin Cash20 satoshis5 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, pays 50 satoshis flat direct to FaucetHub.
Bitcoin Cash18-32 satoshis7 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, triple CAPTCHA, pays Bitcoin Cash direct to FaucetHub.

Get Free Dash from Dash Faucets that Pay

CoinRangePeriodPayoutsWithdrawalSpecial Notes
Dashcoin30-160 dash5 MinsCoinPotInstantRedirects, pays more the longer page sits. Loyalty bonus that can double your payout. Now uses CoinPot, where you can convert to Bitcoin.
CryptoMiningGameMultipleVariableVariableWeeklyVariableA game faucet that pays to FauceHub. Do missions to increase payouts. Read full review for more.
Dashcoin81-10,000 dash60 MinsFaucet HubInstantRedesigned site, much cleaner and easier to use. New login required. Payout includes 1 lottery ticket.
Claim DashDashcoin28-104 dash1 MinsFaucet HubInstantRedirects. Use the short links to add significantly to your claim.
Dashcoin60 dash5 MinsFaucet HubInstantRedirects, pays 100 Dash direct to FaucetHub.
Dashcoin203 dash5 MinsFaucet HubInstantRedirects, triple CAPTCHA, pays 250 Dash flat direct to FaucetHub.
Dashcoin150-300 dash5 MinsFaucet HubInstantRedirects, triple CAPTCHA, pays Dash direct to FaucetHub.

Get Free Litecoin from Litecoin Faucets that Pay

CoinRangePeriodPayoutsWithdrawalSpecial Notes
112-1,200 litoshi5 MinsCoinPotInstantLike the other Moon faucets, this one pays more the longer you go between claims. Loyalty bonus can double your payout. Pays to CoinPot, where you can convert to Bitcoin.
WeThinkTheBest Litecoin160-500 litoshis30 MinsDirect500,000 litoshisStandalone, straightforward Litecoin faucet. A very good Litecoin faucet.
CryptoMiningGameMultipleVariableVariableWeeklyVariableA game faucet that pays to FauceHub. Do missions to increase payouts. Read full review for more.
Claim LTC450-800 satoshis1 MinsFaucet HubInstantRedirects. Do the short links to add significantly to your claims.
150-1,000 litoshi5 MinsFaucet HubDirectVisit short link for bonus litoshi on each claim.
200-500 litoshis10 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, double CAPTCHA, pays immediatly to FaucetHub.
150-300 litoshis10 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, triple CAPTCHA, pays immediately

Get Free Dogecoins from Dogecoin Faucets that Pay

CoinRangePeriodPayoutsWithdrawalSpecial Notes
CointiplyDogecoin70 – 14,000 satoshis60 MinsFaucet Hub35,000 CoinsNew top paying faucet! Not weighted, either, and they pay a bonus if you roll a prime number! 🤓 Offers games-that-pay-you and paid-for-clicks tasks.
Dogecoin.04 – 1 Doge5 MinsCoinPotInstantRedirects, pays more the longer page sits. Loyalty bonus that can double your payout. Pays to Coinpot, where you can convert to Bitcoin.
Dogecoin0.09 – 17 Doge60 MinsDirect6 Doge Twin to, great faucet.
CryptoMiningGameMultipleVariableVariableWeeklyVariableA game faucet that pays to FauceHub. Do missions to increase payouts. Read full review for more.
Eaglezz DogecoinDogecoin0.1 – 0.6 Doge5 MinsFaucet HubManualStraight forward faucet that pays instantly to
Dogecoin0.01-0.1 Doge60 MinsFaucet HubManualRedesigned site, much cleaner and easier to use. New login required. Payout includes 1 lottery ticket.

Get Free Ethereum from Ethereum Faucets that Pay

(Ethereum faucet payouts listed to the 8th decimal, though Ethereum has a 9th. This is to match the way faucets list their own payouts)

CoinRangePeriodPayoutsWithdrawalSpecial Notes
SwissAdsPaysEthFaucetEthereum Cryptocoin48 gwei60 MinsFaucet Hub200,000 gweiBest paying Ethereum faucet, lottery.
Multi-CoinFaucet.comBitcoinEthereum Cryptocoin22 gwei (times two faucets)60 MinsFaucet Hub200,000 gweiThere are two faucets (Dice Rolland Earn > Faucet) for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Pays out to FaucetHub, lottery.
CryptoMiningGameMultipleVariableVariableWeeklyVariableA game faucet that pays to FauceHub. Do missions to increase payouts. Read full review for more.
Ethereum-Faucet.orgEthereum Cryptocoin25 gwei60 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedesigned site, much cleaner and easier to use. New login required. Payout includes 1 lottery ticket.
Speedy EthEthereum Cryptocoin24-104 gwei5 MinsFaucet Hub7500 gweiStraight forward faucet that pays out direct. Use the “Short Links” to add to your claim.

Task Sites that Pay in Bitcoin

SiteCryptocoinRangePayoutsPeriodWithdrawalSpecial Notes
CointiplyBitcoinVariableDirectVariable35,000 CoinsVideos, website visits, surveys, app downloads, games-that-pay-you, all with high payouts.
BitGames.ioBitcoinVariableDirectVariable150,000 “Coins”Site features a great faucet and several offerwalls for tasks, videos, and more.
BitcoinVariableDirectVariable50,000 satoshisBitcoinGet has a good track record. Surveys, video watching, tasks, and other offers. Pay close attention to what information you’re willing to give for these offers.
BitcoinVariableDirectVariable30,000 satoshisSurveys, video watching, tasks, and other offers. Pay close attention to what information you’re willing to give for these offers.
EarnCrypto.comBitcoinVariableDirectVariable6,436 satoshisSite dedicated to offerwalls, including my favorites, EngageMe.TV and CrowdFlower. Supports scores of cryptoccurencies, allowing you to choose which one you earn for doing tasks.


SiteCryptocoinRangePeriodPayoutsWithdrawalSpecial Notes
USDMemes$$US$0.005 – $10060 MinsSkrill$1This is the first faucet that actually pays out in dollars that I’ve seen. It pays out to Skrill, a fiat payment service, but is otherwise just like a Bitcoin faucet.
Yannik.bizBitcoinUp to 80 satoshisVariableDirect15,000 satoshisPays more the longer you wait, somewhat like Moon Bitcoin.
Bitcoin-Faucet.comBitcoin41-10,000 satshis60 MinsDirect100,000 satoshisWell designed faucet with a clean interface. Offers gambling games I’m not testing. Has a very high withdrawal minimum.
CryptoFarmerBitcoinVariableVariableVariableDirectGamified faucet. Slow going, but fun. See notes on page 2 for more.
CryptoMiningGameMultipleVariableVariableWeeklyVariableVery different faucet, pays to FauceHub. Do missions to increase payouts. Read full review for more.
FaucetGameBitcoin2-5 satoshisInstant repeatDirect50,000 satoshisFaucet is small, but instantly repeatable. I’m not testing their gambling services.
BitcoinUpdate.netBitcoin25 satoshis5 minutesFaucet Hub500 satoshisSupposed to pay daily to FaucetHub with 500 satoshi minimum, which I AM testing. I am NOT testing any of their so-called doubling features.
OnlineJobCentral BitcoinBitcoin15-18 satoshis5 minutesDirectTestingStandalone faucet. Offeres a short-link bonus. Lots of redirects.
MomocoinsBitcoin30, 50, 80 satoshis10 minutesFaucetSystem14,000 satoshisStraight-forward, pays out to FaucetSystem. Runs dry and gets refilled in dribbles.
Ethereum LotteryEthereum Cryptocoin2,000 gweiDirect30 minutesTestingYou must register. Pays in site “Credits” convertible to Ethereum. High paying faucet.
EthereumFaucet.infoEthereum Cryptocoin1,000 – 5,000 gweiDirect60 minutes250,000 gweiUses redirects, but is otherwise straight-forward. Payout minimum is HIGH.
BoxBit.coBitcoin1-100 satoshisDirect15 minutes35,000 satoshisUses a choose-the-box metaphor, with a second-chance option if you don’t like what you got. Drastically lowered payments due to ad revenue issue.
BitcoinRPSBitcoin30-10,000 satoshisDirect15 Mins40,000 satoshisThis site is a gambling site using the rock, paper, scissors metaphor, but they also have a faucet. Hasn’t paid out.
Bitcoin10-100 satoshis5 MinsFaucet HubN/ARedirects, double CAPTCHA, adds 1 satoshi to reward for each use. Frequently runs dry. [Update:Hasn’t paid since August.]
TheBestBitcoinFaucetBitcoin50 satoshisDirect1 minute500,000 satoshisNot likely to pay, IMO.

Faucets That Are Scams Or Ran Dry

Unfortunately, some faucets run dry, while others are scams from the getgo. See Page 2 for a list of faucets that have shut down, ran dry, or are scams.

Next: Faucet Descriptions with more detail

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  1. Vic Cypher

    RP aren’t completely useless on You only need a few thousand to activate BTC bonuses. If you make enough faucet claims this is more profitable than doing a simple cashout. Going for BTC bonuses is a much better option since RP value is tied to BTC/USD exchange rate so by the time 100k RP is reached you might not get very many satoshi anyways.

  2. verycurlyo

    It’s a lottery faucet were you roll a RNG and depending on the role you et between 180 satoshi and $200 bitcoin. I’ve never got the $200 but once or twice I’ve had 0.00016701


  3. bitminer

    Hi, can you confirm or inform me about… Does it really pay? After some instant payment the IPV(Instant Payment Value) decreases and this IPV works as a barrier above which you don’t paid instantly and those payments get in pending list and processed manually.
    So, my query is does it really pay?

    here is the link of the website

  4. mbukbitcoin

    These this new faucet I use it as six faucets in one site earning from 50 to 1500 from 5 to 1440 minutes with a good ref amount try for you self or other members high paying and always full.

  5. Bryan Chaffin

    mbukbitcoin, I ran into trouble with their registration process and have a support ticket. I’ll add them to my testing list if they’re able to work it out.

    bitminer, I didn’t realize you were asking about a cloud mining operation when I first responded. My problem with cloud miners is simple: if they can make a profit mining, why bother selling shares? Why not just earn the Bitcoins and keep the profits? As such, I’ve not found a cloud mining operation I can recommend. Note that I didn’t test this one specifically.

  6. Bryan Chaffin

    Andrius As Esu, I just checked again to make sure: I definitely got my first payout from them. It’s sent to, so you’ll need to withdraw it from there to get it in your wallet. I’ve never had any issues with Epay, though they do take a few days to process withdrawals.

  7. Andrius As Esu

    We will see, maybe they will pay later. Strange for me that after friday (when they say they pay out ) my balance is still the same. There is no signs that i have a pending payout.

  8. TrumpWonDeal

    How sure are you that pays? Have you tested it recently? When is supposed to give payouts? Does payout begin as soon as you hit your desired or default amount? Or does it happen on a certain day? Is there any contact information where they actually respond?

  9. Bryan Chaffin

    I 100% received a payout on March 10th from Bitcoin Beetle. I didn’t receive a payout this Friday, which Andrius noted above is their payout date. Being just a couple of days late, I’m not worried about it, but am keeping my eye on them.

  10. Andrius As Esu

    Still no paynment from Beetle. Anyway, you can check this interesting social platform and faucet in one. Faucet is really good, the only minus – minimal withdraw 200k satoshis. But they can be collected pretty fast, and i got already a payment. So you should really try it. [Thanks for the link – Bryan]

  11. almoche

    Thanks for listing my faucets.
    Please be informed, that you also can sign in with BTC address.
    Then payouts are handled via
    That means you have to register your BTC address at Faucethub in advance in order to get also immediate payout.
    The range of rewards is adjusted automatically depending on current BTC price.
    So if price go down, the reward will increase.
    Regards and enjoy.

  12. looper

    I’d say has been dethroned by and, though it is still worthwhile. Notes on each: remains a steady performer, as you note. Per my calculations in the comments on your old article, I am well over 99% confident that they never pay more than the first three tiers of claims (1x, 10x, 100x baseline), so forget that $200 jackpot, or even $20 or $2. Ditto has a baseline payout about 75% of if you claim once an hour. However, their daily loyalty bonus rises by 1% for each day you claim at least once, maxing out at 100%, so the hourly baseline is 150% of after you’ve been claiming steadily for a few months. In addition a) the mystery bonus adds another 1%-100% of baseline with a fairly even distribution; b) you can boost the hourly take if you claim more than once per hour, though I’m not sure how much higher it can go since I don’t have the time to spare for a claim every five minutes; and c) because the payout continues to go up until you make a claim (I think it maxes out after 24 hours), your first payout after a gap of more than an hour will be bigger than usual, whereas it’ll be the same for after a gap. In all, I don’t bother to claim more often than once an hour from, but I still get around twice as much from them in a week as I do from is even better, with an average payout about 125% that of to begin with. (You say your average is lower than they quote; it will remain so until you hit the rare 5000 satoshi payout, which will yank your average up in a big jump. You can also choose to claim the average payout every time instead of a random value, and I have chosen this to have assurance of the amount I’ll receive.) More than that, though, you can claim up to four times an hour and, unlike, the payouts are all the same size, not smaller for more frequent claims. This means, if you are stubborn enough to return every 15 minutes, you can get five times as much from as from! (Plus a daily bonus of 5% of your claims over the past three days, or about a 15% boost overall.) Also, the payout threshold can be as low as 10,000 satoshi, though they charge a fee of 1000 satoshi for payouts less than 50,000 satoshi. I have received one payout of 10,000 satoshi and one of 50,000 satoshi so far, as advertised.

  13. Bryan Chaffin

    Cindy, I don’t send money to faucets. I suspect—but don’t specifically know—that it’s too-good-to-be-true at best or a ponzi scheme, at worst. The “comments” being posted seem awfully suspect, too, but your mileage may vary.

    I don’t know precisely what they’re doing, but I don’t send money to faucets. That’s my bottom line.

  14. Bryan Chaffin

    I’ll add something on on when I can, Er Zadar. The short version is that I’m testing and understand how it’s supposed to work, but haven’t yet gotten enough to confirm that they pay.

    I did reach the minimum withdrawal for The withdrawal mechanism doesn’t function properly. I have a ticket filed with them, but I’m not all that hopeful.

  15. Bryan Chaffin

    Tessy, I’ve had a withdrawal on AutoFaucet sitting for a while now. That happened once before, but when I canceled that withdrawal and re-withdrew it went through in minutes. I noticed their last payments went out on May 14th. I’m watching that. When I see new payments going out, I’ll resubmit and see what happens.

  16. Bryan Chaffin

    Er Zadar, I received my first payout from Claimers in 24 hours, which what they described. Tessy, I’m still waiting for my current payout, but AutoFaucet sent out more payments to other users since I posted last.

  17. Bryan Chaffin

    Hi richboy, autoclaim on AutoFaucet is a paid feature requiring Premium status or higher. I personally don’t recommend sending money to faucets, and I haven’t done so with AutoFaucet to test out the autoclaim feature.

    I note that ads get turned off when you buy Premium or higher status. If no ads, where’s the money coming from for visiting? That feels sketchy to me. At least with the free faucets, I know where the money is ultimately coming from (ads).

    If you haven’t bought a higher status, I don’t recommend doing so. If you have, I fear I don’t know how to turn on the autoclaim feature.

  18. Bryan Chaffin

    Richboy, I do think is a scam. A brilliant one, at that. Even the name…

    I’ve got notes to that effect in the guide itself. I’m still watching it just because, but it was always too good to be true.

  19. Bryan Chaffin

    richboy, and both peg their payouts to $200 – $0.002. It’s how they’ve stayed solid all these years—because they’re buying Bitcoin as they go, their costs remain constant.

    Note that while the top tier prize is officially pegged at $200, I’ve personally never seen anything higher than the third tier pay out.

    In any event, their payouts have always been tied to the price of Bitcoin and rise and fall accordingly.

  20. Kaajinsh

    I suggest this syte aswell… Fau et/offerwall in one, i get 1000k satoshi in like 3h with surways, and tested on widraw -. Paying each 4h.

    [Testing link]

  21. Bryan Chaffin

    hanson, I suspect shenanigans with the site you posted. Seemed too good to be true when I read it, and when I signed up and posted my own link, nothing happened.

    kaajinsh, I’ll check out the faucet you posted.

  22. Tessy Lediba Kobani

    Hello my withdraw in autofaucet is till showing pending and yet to pay and for the notice of anyone use epay or faucethub there have being complain of them not paying out. my epay withdraw is pending too just hope they all pay.

  23. Bryan Chaffin

    Thanks for the updates, Tessy—I’m still waiting for multiple payouts from AutoFaucet. On the one hand, they did send out multiple payments this weekend, but none of my pending payouts was included. One thing that concerns me about them is that they haven’t reduced payouts with the increase in the price of Bitcoin. So…I’ll keep watching.

    And I agree with Tessy, Terry. I commented above, but I’ll repeat: I don’t send money to faucets and cloud mining operations are inherently sketchy.

  24. terryfitz

    Has anyone used
    Bitcoin Free Generation and Mining Tool where you enter your Bitcoin Wallet
    Select the amount of BTC you want to generate
    You can choose between 0.1 BTC and 5 BTC on some of them and then when it says it has generated the amount you asked for, it asks you to send them a miners fee to speed up the transaction

  25. Bryan Chaffin

    Terry, I call shenanigans on all of those things. If they could generate those Bitcoins, they’d generate them for themselves. That’s my take, at least.

  26. Kaajinsh

    Nice that you liked and you get your payment so fast… Only cant understand, why you didnt reff? Is that hard it? Is to be referal makes you poor? Huh… 😥

  27. looper

    Have you been keeping an eye on transaction confirmation times? I’ve tried to do some “profit-taking” on the huge increase in BTC-to-USD value lately by buying a Gyft card, but the transaction has just been sitting there with zero confirmations in the blockchain for more than two weeks! Can’t cancel it, can’t force it to complete, so my BTC is just tied up, of no use to anybody. Please give us any insights you have as to which wallet clients have the intelligence to attach a large enough miner’s fee to transactions that they don’t get ignored; MultiBit HD failed me on this, and I didn’t know enough to check before it caused me a problem. You might also comment on the big run-up in miners’ fees and confirmation times that has accompanied the big run-up in BTC price.

  28. Bryan Chaffin

    @richboy, I did reach the minimum before calling it a scam. The withdrawal window doesn’t have a withdrawal button. My theory on is this: make a faucet paying out more than 1,000 times any other faucet, but never actually pay out. Put a VIP purchase option on the faucet. Some small number of people will buy it thinking it will allow them to withdraw their balance. Sit back and wait. It’s in the very name, “MyFaucet.” We are his faucet.

    @looper, there is a real issue with Bitcoin on confirmations. The blockchain is being overwhelmed and needs to be overhauled to allow more transactions to go through, There are two warring factions, with some folks aligned with miners who want a system that benefits miners, and other folks wanting a system more beneficial to Bitcoin transactions. In the meanwhile, the miners are successfully jacking up transaction fees, even while the value of Bitcoin goes up. And delayed transactions are becoming ever more the thing. If you haven’t already, see if Gyft can cancel the transaction.

  29. John Thuku

    Just registered with your referral FunArtem. Let’s see how this goes.

    Thank you for this great article Bryan. Really informative on which faucets to use for beginners such as myself. Keep up the good work.

  30. terryfitz

    Hi everyone has any one had any experience with Magic Bitcoin Faucet
    Min Withdrawal is 30,000 ok reached that on 18th june did a withdrawal , said ok but currently as of 30/6 still pending

    Anyone used [MagicBitcoin]

    Hasn’t cost anything

    PS myfaucet is gone cannot login for last 3 days lol


  31. geoduck

    Have you investigated other crypto-currancies? I have a friend who’s building a rig to mine those. A couple racks with numerous video cards, to do the hard number crunching. Apparently video cards for these kind of rigs are getting to be hard to come by.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Hey geoduck, I missed your note until now. I’ve mined Bitcoin and several altcoins, though my mining days are in the past. Shoot me a note if you have any specific questions.

  32. Bryan Chaffin

    Hey folks, MagicBitcoin never paid me. Worse, the faucet now redirects to malware sites.

    Anindita, I’m testing both of those faucets now. I’m skeptical because they both pay very well compared to other faucets. Increasingly, if a faucet is too good to be true, it’s dead or a scam. Hopefully these two will be the exception!

    Elthianan, thanks for the note. I updated their descriptions accordingly.

  33. John Thuku

    Hello Bryan. Here is an update on the claimwithme site. Turns out it was a scam. The owner has run away and has shutdown their Facebook page. Thank goodness I never invested anything in it. Hmm, it looks like FunArtem has also disappeared as well. Coincidence? Anyway, on another note, I have just come across the following site – [BTCClock]. What do you think about the site, Bryan?

  34. Bryan Chaffin

    Hey John Thuku, thanks for the notes. I haven’t tested BTCClock, but it sure looks like a ponzi scheme to me. I don’t recommend sending money to a faucet—faucets are supposed to send us Bitcoins, not the other way around.

  35. Bryan Chaffin

    Thanks, John! I love doing this guide, in part because so many people find it helpful. There are so many scams out there, not to mention the faucets that launched with good intentions, but were abandoned when they didn’t work out as expected. Sorting the wheat from the chaff is a fun challenge, and I get a few satoshis in the process. So yay!

  36. startreker8888

    Greetings Bryan, i have been member of daily free bits for three weeks iclick my encash bottom and input my bitcoin account until my free btc has not arrive yet for more than a week can you please asist me on my dilemma ty.



    Please Bryan is qoinpro still pay? cause I’ve register and refer a friend who also registered but I’ve not received any mail to notify me that someone have registered through my link and my profile is still not deposits anything from them.

  38. Bryan Chaffin

    Hi BISHOPSOLO12, it’s interesting because I very recently got a payment from Qoinpro originally put through last year. I haven’t yet been able to get a new payment, though, and am watching them.

  39. Bryan Chaffin

    startreker8888, I can’t directly assist with any of these faucets. I’m a faucet user just like you, not an admin with them. That said, if you’re asking about, they have never once missed a payment for me in years. Check to make sure you have auto-withdrawal enabled and have met the minimum withdrawal level. I think they also answer support questions, but can’t swear to it.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      I don’t think that’s remotely possible through faucets, Anindita. If you are dedicated to the task, sites like let you earn the most through doing tasks, but I’d be surprised if you could earn that much. If you can, tell us about it!


    Thanks for adding our faucet to your list you can claim different currencies like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, dash, litecoin, dogecoin, primecoin, peercoin! From just select the currency you want to win! We give away between 0.5 – 3 dogecoin and 45k – 80k of blackcoin among other currencies!


    Bryan can it be possible that I withdraw from jetcoin and they didnt credited to my wallet? or do you also known how to check if there is transaction in a wallet without login blockchain account? thank you. The reason is that ive withdrawn from and when i share the link with a friend he said that they will not pay and i i told him ive withdrawn already he ask me to send him the wallet i withdrawn to for him to confirmed and when he check he said there is no transaction.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      I’ve never gotten a payout from Jetcoin or TopFan (two faucets I started testing at the same time). I suspect both of them are dead and I’ll be moving them to the warning list unless something changes soon.

      By the by, I use separate addresses for each faucet so that I can easily see who’s paying us. That’s the easiest way I’ve found to make sure of these things.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Hi BISHOPSOLO12, I was able to login on a browser on my Mac like normal. I haven’t tried from an Android device (they don’t have an iOS app yet). Note, though, that I get an error when withdrawing. I’ve written to the company and will report back what I learn.

  42. Anindita Chaudhury

    Hi Bryan can you please make a list of free btc mining sites. I recently signed up in Its very fast but I don’t know whether its going to pay me or not. Mining on is very slow.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Anindita, in my experience, there’s no such thing as an actual “free” mining service. Even the for-pay cloud hashing services tend to never pay off. No operator is going to “sell” you hashing power at a price that would make you a profit when they could just profit from that hashing power themselves.

      I bet that’s not what you want to hear, but that’s my considered opinion on the subject. 🙂

  43. Wander Augusto

    For me the best is [ link in article]

    Open a box and win satoshi, if you do not like the awards you can try again, then click the captcha and wait 10 minutes to open again.

    There are 25 boxes with various awards and a special prize of 55556 satoshi.
    Very good!

  44. farouk012

    hello everyone , new faucet great and very fast payout 0.5doge every 5minute

    Link : [link – I’ve sent some questions to the site operator of this faucet. I’ll be adding it once those questions are answered. – Bryan]

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Thanks for the report! Many of the FaucetHub faucets periodically run out of funds, but this is the first time I’ve seen this particular one do so. I’ll drop a note if they top off again, or remove them if they stay dry.

      Cheers, and thanks again. 🙂

  45. CryptoAddicted

    I found this quite new bitcoin faucet:
    I already received two payouts. I think it’s very interesting, it includes also a lottery, an affiliate program with 25% commission and a blog. Then, it gives a loyalty bonus and some other extra bonus. I think you should try it and write a review.

  46. bitemplum

    Hello everybody, we are Bitemplum Team.
    We are creating a faucets network, for exchange our visitors!
    So those are two new faucets partners:

    [Links removed for testing]

  47. Jared Mansfield is a scam. They pay out if you can manage to eventually get the faucet high enough to do so (which is very difficult even with tons of referrals), and they have been scamming people (including myself) left and right lately by sending emails asking folks to deposit BTC to their wallet to claim BTG and BCH from the Segwit fork…

    This is my post on Bitcointalk:

    If anyone has any idea how we can take this mofo down along with his website (which we believe is currently a solo operation), please feel free to get in touch with me (Jared – and Mario (, was taken for ~.5 BTC). We’re out for blood.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Hi Jared, I’ve personally withdrawn—successfully—Bitcoin and some of the altcoins accumulated. I can only speak to my own experience, but it’s hard for me to see Qoinpro as a scam.

  48. Abrar123

    Hi Bryan sir,
    I came to know about bitcoin recently and I want to earn some by faucets. Your list will help me. Many thanks for your help. I have 2 doubts, I don’t have computer can I use them on mobile phone and mobile internet. Also any android phone apps working which can help me collect bitcoin.
    I want to know. Using phone can I earn like 10k santoshi per day which Is very big for me for my education fees.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Most of the faucets work on mobile phones. Many offerwalls do, too, but not all. I’m not sure about earning 10K satoshis per day, but doing the offerwalls on is surely one of the best ways to earn Bitcoin.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      I haven’t tested this particular cloud miner, but I’ve never seen a cloud mining operation that was profitable for anyone other than the provider. They way to think of it is this: if they could mine at a profit, they wouldn’t “sell” time on their miners. They’d just mine and keep the profit.

      That’s my two cents on the topic. Your mileage may vary.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Thanks, frencus. I’m testing them now. They say they send to FaucetHub daily, at 9:00 PM Pacific. But, I was able to start claiming before adding my address to FaucetHub—usually FaucetHub runs a check before you can claim. So, we’ll see!

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Got it. I’ve been meaning to start testing that one for a while, but haven’t gotten to it yet. I need to trim the faucets that have become very low performing, too. Thanks, frencus!

      [Edit: I got the URL, even though our filters stripped it out. Thanks again.]

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Hey Spectar: looking at their payouts, there’s almost no way they’re actually paying out. I haven’t tested them yet, but the first two appear to be faucets that ran dry. The third one ( is not longer accessible.

      Have you had experience with them?

    • Bryan Chaffin

      I did some casual research and immediately ran into my #1 problem: I don’t send Bitcoins to faucets. I found references to both being ponzi schemes—I haven’t exhaustively researched either company, but there are definitely ponzi-like elements to both. I personally wouldn’t get involved with them.

  49. bitdiggerapp

    Hey Bryan,

    Happy $500 billion market cap day!

    My name is Steve with BitDigger and I wanted to share our chrome plugin with you:

    [Snip – Got the link. I’ll check it out. Thanks, Bryan]

    • Bryan Chaffin

      I don’t use them myself because I have control issues. 😂 I’d rather manage my own faucets, thank you. But, I don’t have anything against them, per se. They’re serving each one up with an affiliate link (like our faucet links are affiliate links), which is what they get out of it. One more note: when I have messed around with rotators, I’ve found them to be buggy. But that’s been a while.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      I don’t partake in their gambling services, I use the faucet only, and have for years. The same is true for any other faucet in our list. I’m only testing and using the faucets themselves. 🙂

    • Emmanuel Okorie

      Yes it is a gambling website. However, non gamblers still use the website and earn substantial amount of bitcoins. I have to admit that I use the faucet and it’s cool compared to other website that have multiple pages before claim. This particular website use only one page before a user receive his/ her claim. That’s flawless!!! No tricks!

  50. salparadise

    Is anyone having trouble with “captchas” on some of these faucets? It seems Moon and Bonus Bitcoin have serious issues with “captchas”. Or are they just regulating what they give out. You can do many correct “captchas” without getting the the amount promised.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      The CAPTCHA systems are mostly independent (MultiCoinFaucet and use homegrown systems at least some of the time. Google’s RECAPTCHA and SolveMedia’s system sometimes ratchet their difficulty up tremendously. I’ve never found anything official on this, but I think they do it when they’re under attack by botnets.

      Either way, my understanding of how this works is that there’s no way for a faucet to use a third party system to limit their payouts.

      Wait, there’s always a caveat. Some faucets have stupid levels of CAPTCHAs, which is why I note it in my descriptions. Those faucets can be annoying, and ironically, I’ve seen a correlation between onerous CAPTCHAs and lower payouts.

      And another caveat: I also get a lot of false positives from Google’s RECAPTCHA. It’s annoying, and I have no idea what they’re doing. With Moon and Bonus, you can switch between SolveMedia and RECAPTCHA. I do so whenever one or the other is being annoying.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Another note: being signed into a Google account in the browser you’re doing your faucets makes RECAPTCHA easier to complete—and sometimes it won’t even require anything more than checking the box.

  51. CudaBoy

    Bryan, what’s the minimum upload/download speed of a connect for some of those ‘wallets’ and why do I need to UPLOAD 5 gigs a day? I have a real world 5Mbs Down and a puny .5Mbs UP (who cares about up?? Right?) Am I screwed? It would hijack all my practical bandwidth for other things like Youtube surfing, right? I do have 2 other older Mac Pros around – but it’s the bandwidth screwing me, right? signed, Three (Bit)Coins In The Fountain.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Hey CudaBoy, I don’t know why a wallet would need to upload anything—but, you don’t have to actively run your wallets 24/7. They don’t even have to be running to get a cryptocurrency sent to your address. All a wallet is doing is accessing the part of the blockchain that represents your stuff. Cryptocurrency sent to an address you own is received whether or not your wallet is running at the time.

      Did I answer your question properly. Holler if not.

      • CudaBoy

        Thank-you. I think I was misunderstanding the role of the ‘wallet’, but was referencing certain req.s listed online for certain wallets and got flustered. Especially the ‘upload’ part, wtf? Can you recommend a wallet for me? I’m mid 2010 5,1 Mac Pro tower running Sierra 10.12.6 (in case that matters) thru 6mbs earthlink DSL. (grandfathered in to an old way inexpensive 1996 plan) No smartphone. Thanks, Bryan – best to your clan this season!

  52. Atomics Inc.

    You might want to adjust the amount these sites gives us for the actual numbers are in many cases 10x lower than what you write down there. I understand that you base your article on half truths as these sites are legit and you get some with referrals but you still should not inflate what we get.
    Ie after trying for more that 24 hours all I got is abt 90 satoshi which is abt 1-2 satoshi/hour which is just horrible -16 mins 36 since last claim just now and still at 0 satoshi. This is nowhere the claimed amount on your article of abt minimun 15 satoshi/5min. If you wanted to say that the minimum amount that we can claim is 15 satoshi than don’t put in where there is supposed to calculate the amount/min/h. Bc the referrals it is though convenient to you to let things confused as they are.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Hi Atomics, and thanks for the note. I update the descriptions as often as I can. Every amount listed was true when I listed or edited it. Volatile crytptocurrency markets and ever-evolving faucets make it impossible to keep everything completely up to date, but I work quite hard in keeping everything as up-to-date as possible, with a primary focus on “Does this faucet pay what and when it says it will?” Any discrepancy in what’s on my list and what a faucet is paying out is a product of change, not intent to inflate.

      And FWIW, my favorite is when a faucet changes something later in the same day when I’ve updated the list. GetCoinFree comes to mind, as they frequently change their payout structure. 😀

      Moon—like—keeps their payouts closely pegged to the dollar. As crypto prices rise and fall throughout the day, their payouts rise and fall, too. I’m currently seeing Moon paying out 12 satoshis after one hour, plus one’s loyalty bonus. And to your point, it’s down to 2 satoshis after five minutes (plus loyalty). I’m about to do a quick update for that and some other changes. The Doge sites, for instance, have all sharply curtailed payouts as Doge has leapt higher.

      Thanks again for the note, and I hope you find the list useful.

  53. Bobby69058

    Thank you for the nice list! I just wanted to let you know that I have been waiting for 109 verge from earncrypto since December 20. I have tried to contact them on their site and twitter and have not received a response. I did receive 17 digibyte in just a couple hours Friday night, so they are paying some. I have noticed on twitter that other users are waiting for higher payouts from them as well.

      • Bobby69058

        Do you happen to have a support ticket linked to your payment? I have one linked to my payment that I am waiting on and I think that could be the issue. They posted an update around the beginning of the year saying that they would need to respond to each ticket that is linked to a payment before that payment could be sent. I requested some dogecoin last night and received those in about 2 hours. I will let you know if I ever receive the verge payment.

  54. frencus

    I would like to inform you that of the famous Moon Faucets there is now also a “moon cash”.

    Here is also another faucet, worth it.

    ps. The list of the Dash faucets is also called:
    Get Free Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin Cash Faucets that Pay.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Thanks for the heads up, frencus! I signed up using your referral link. And thanks for catching that cut and paste error—it’s fixed. I appreciate all eyes on this beast of a list. I’ll check out your other find, too.

  55. chunchun397

    Very useful information for earning cryptocurrency !

    I have tried swissadspay, they pay me 20000 out of 80000 satoshis and I just waiting the 60000 satoshis payment !

    i am an online fighter !

    • Bryan Chaffin

      They’ve been quite behind on payments, but recently began catching up. They’re still behind with me, but I personally expect them to make good on the outstanding balances.

  56. DarkFairysWorld

    Hello fellow bitcoin miners and faucet Lovers.
    My name is DarkFairys and I latterly never drop a referral link but felt this was the right place for it.
    as there not listed above

    So looking through this list I notice 2 great bitcoin faucets sites missing.

    [Edit: We don’t link to casinos – Bryan]

    The second site is a huge Pokemon ripoff called “Pokebits” but it is a ton of fun to train and battle you pets… there is also a ton missions to keep you busy.
    Also they do pay out.

    [Edit: Link copied. – Bryan]

  57. looper

    How do you claim from the GetCoinFree faucet? There are games, auto-mining, and an offer wall, none of which I have time for, so I clicked “Limited Faucet.” This says “Earn 0.00000003 to 0.00000005 BTC every 1 minutes”, which is hardly high-paying; you solve the captcha-ish thing and click a tiny button labeled “Claim”, and it throws a bunch of pop-over/under windows at me and my balance doesn’t go up. What did I miss in a faucet you say is “the highest paying by far”?

    Also, be warned that Cointiply, in addition to offering only impossible SolveMedia captchas (at least at present), displays a lot of pornographic ads, so consider it NSFW.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Heya Looper! The Limited Faucet is there faucet—and they change it all the time. They’ll move it to 60 minutes with very high payouts, and then down to 1 minute with awful payouts. Then up to 15 minutes with really good payouts, then back down to 5 minutes. I thought I removed “high paying” from their description in my last update—I’ll over the guide to make sure it doesn’t say that now.

      Did you check out Cointiply?

      • looper

        Hi — yes, I did, but as I noted it put up a lot of porn ads so I will have to tap it only when there are no kids (or wife!) in the house. And as far as I can tell, a “coin” is a tenth of a cent, so you have to pile up $3.50 worth of coins to take a payout — that would take forever on some faucets (better part of a year), so I’ll have to see how it shakes out here. As always, thanks for this webpage and its updates; I only bother with the Moon* sites, FreeBItcoin and FreeDogecoin, and BonusBitcoin, but I’ll keep going with Cointiply until I get the feel for its payout pace. (Free*Coin sites, by the way, still never pay their top three advertised prizes, with 99.9%+ mathematical certainty.)

      • Bryan Chaffin

        A lot of faucets seem to have more of that when they’re new. I’m hoping they dump them some day—I had a doozy of a popunder on Moon the other day, too. Back on Cointiply, I hit a withdrawal quickly using the offerwalls so I could test their payments. Did the same thing originally on BitGames. Do let me know what you think.

      • looper

        Quickie impression — so far so good. Of six prize tiers, I hit the third highest (2% odds) on the third try, and I’ve already hit the prime-number bonus once, so it certainly looks at least as good as advertised! The expectation value of your winnings over many tries, summing over all six prize levels, is only 50% higher than the base, so it is reasonable to think that they may actually let you win the jackpot. The jackpot prize is only 2000 times larger than the base prize, and the odds are 100,000:1; contrast this with FreeBitcoin and FreeDogecoin, where the jackpot is 100,000 times the base and the odds are (supposedly) only 10,000:1 — for those odds, your expected winnings are thirteen times the base! So there’s no way the Free*coin faucets can actually afford to let you win the top prize levels. Still worth going to, even if only the bottom three prize tiers are ever awarded and the expectation value is only 20% higher than the base; the base is still reasonably good.

        With regard to the prize value on Cointiply, a “coin” is a tenth of a cent; it’s converted to satoshi when you make a withdrawal, at the then effective rate. As I write this, the base prize amounts to 59 satoshi, which as you noted compares favorably with others (FreeBitcoin: 25, BonusBitcoin: 50, MoonBitcoin: ~30). Just don’t let your balance, quoted as a decimal Bitcoin value, fool you: I thought “98072 satoshi after one day?!?”, but they quote it to ten decimal places rather than eight as is usual, so it’s only 980.72 satoshi. Still not half bad!

      • Bryan Chaffin

        We’ve chatted about this before, but I’ve long just assumed pays just the first three prize tiers—meaning my findings match yours! I’ve personally won 700 satoshis on Cointiply. Their flatter prize structure is one of the things I like about them. That and the prime bonus. 😀

        As always, thanks for offering everyone your thoughts. You’ve been so much help to our guide over the years.

      • looper

        You’re very welcome — I’m happy to “pay it forward” as I am able, since you are the one who introduced me to faucets a few years back (wish I’d gotten onboard in about 2009, but oh well). I have to add one major caveat about Cointiply regarding their captcha system. FreeBitcoin uses ReCaptcha, which can be a hassle but is always legible; FreeDogecoin, BonusBitcoin, and the Moon* group let you toggle between that and SolveMedia’s verbal puzzles. However, Cointiply only offers SolveMedia, and right now it is stuck in a cycle of absolutely impossible ones; it’s not words or phrases for which you can fill in the pieces you can’t read, but random letters smeared so severely that most of them are unrecognizable. Their base payout of 50 coins is worth a nickel; I’m willing to spend a few seconds earning that nickel, but not minute after rninute clicking through captchas trying to find one I can solve. SolveMedia puzzles can be quite reasonable, but when they get like this you really need the option to switch to ReCaptcha, and Cointiply is useless right now since it fails to offer that option.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      I hear you there. I’m also not a prude, but also don’t care for the porn ads. That said, I’ve seen them on every faucet except the gambling-supported faucets that don’t run ads at all. Even the Moon family—the most successful ad-supported faucet I’ve seen—recently served me up a full window (somewhat alarming) porn site in a popunder ad.

      What I’ve also seen, though, is that faucets tend to rely less on those kinds of ads the more established they get. For instance, that Moon ad I mentioned was a relative rarity.

      Now all that said, have you written to Cointiply to mention it? They seem open to feedback from what I’ve seen.

      • looper

        Interesting observation, that porn ads tend to be associated with faucets just getting started; if so, I guess Cointiply is getting its feet under it, because the porn ads have almost entirely disappeared in the past week or two (just a couple of relatively mild suggestive dating site ads are left). The difficulty of their SolveMedia puzzles fluctuates, but the instances when I click through a dozen trying to find one that’s solvable and then give up are also becoming less frequent. After about nine days I’m 1/5 of the way to their 35,000 “coin” payout level, which seems roughly commensurate with, say, FreeBitcoin. (I’m only doing the faucet.) So, seems worth doing. Thanks!

  58. 14stephen

    Hey Bryan, love the site and everything you’re doing here. Here’s a faucet I think you check out.
    [I have the link – Bryan]

    Lots going on between the “mining” game, the missions, daily bonus and getting litoshi for completing the captcha. Pays through faucethub and I received my first payout.

    Keep up the great work!

  59. MadMax18

    Bryan! Great list. I wonder if you can get my faucet onto it, too.
    Name: BTC Drip,
    8 Sat / 10 min, 5% ref, direct payout to Faucethub
    There’s not many ads so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and we included eSports and crypto news to kill time 🙂

    Have a fantastic Sunday 🙌

  60. mholecek1000

    Greetings (all),
    ty Brian for nice web. I just want to ask – on FreeBitco.In, recently my base payout decreased to 50 %. I.e. I have now 12 Satoshis claim per base roll (0-9885), while “9886 – 9985” roll has “right” fraction of 200$ 1st price 245 Satoshis (1st prize is 2446594 Satoshis). Any have same experience? I suspect that it is due to my signing up do FreeDogeco.In – it happens day or two after I have begun claim free doge together with BTC, just after FreeDogeco.In wanted me to confirm my e-mail. Thanks for any answer in advance. Ps: I tried to contact FreeBitco.In (FAQ), but no response for now..

    • Bryan Chaffin

      They appear to have cut that bottom tier of prize for many users today, but not everyone—and I don’t yet know why. It wasn’t, though, because you joined In the past, this company has been very transparent about why they made changes, and I’m hoping we find out more from them.

      • mholecek1000

        Ty for extremely fast answer! 🙂 I just see I did mistake in your name, sorry 🙂 (im not born English speaker so i make many mistakes).

  61. mholecek1000

    Hi again. Would I ask, if somebody else have so many redirects with so many antivir alerts on this top mentioned new server And 2nd, I just opened page and right on home page antivir alerts. too . I suppose these are false alarms… (from thes 3 webs..)?

    • Bryan Chaffin

      I can’t speak for faucets, but the popunder networks often have malware ads. I personally run the free version of Avira (antivirus software) and just use command-w on my Mac to close popunders as fast as I can. I’ve yet to use a faucet that doesn’t have some of that, save for because they have no ads.

  62. Bitcofaucet

    New Bitcoin Faucet
    Earn1000 Satoshis Every 5 Minutes
    25% Referral Comission for Lifetime
    We have less Advertisements
    We are User Friendly
    Faucethub Withdrawal System
    We Pay Seniority Bonus
    We also have Mini Jobs System to earn More

    • frencus

      the faucet I mentioned earlier is not so good afterwards, they change something regularly and then it works even worse, regrettably because it is a nice site

  63. John Thuku

    Hi Bryan. How are you? I am not sure if you are aware, but for the past few days, the Moon Bitcoin Cash has been down. I have just found out that they closed the old website and opened this new one – [Link] . I am not sure how legit it is but I will be testing it out to see how well it works. Cheers.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Thanks, John. I’ve been watching the old domain and appreciate the heads up. It does appear to be legit, as it’s tied to CoinPot properly. I fear everyone will have lost their loyalty bonus, though. And unfortunately, I’ve never found the Moon folks to be all that responsive to email support.

      • John Thuku

        You are most welcome. I sincerely hope you will use my referral link on the new website. Unfortunately, you are correct regarding the loyalty bonus. Very sad having to start all over but it is what it is. Keep up the wonderful work. I have just registered on to Cointiply . I am glad that you listed it as I had never heard of it.

  64. christine.schaefer.cs

    Hi Guys,
    watched your postings for quite a while, and I am engaged in some of Bryans favourites (esp.Cointiply-which I joined early and really love it). Today I like to draw your attention to a new Mining-Site, where I joined a few days ago and which seems to be legit. [link snipped, thanks. – Bryan]

  65. frencus

    Hey Bryan en volgers,
    Ik ben kortgeleden betaald door deze faucet.
    Heel gemakkelijk te doen en bijna geen ads, en geen redirects.
    Dit zijn de claim rates voor het moment:
    after 10 minutes = 6 Satoshi
    after 15 minutes = 8 Satoshi
    after 30 minutes = 14 Satoshi
    after 1 hour = 23 Satoshi
    after 4 hours = 43 Satoshi
    after 1 Day = 100 Satoshi

    • frencus

      Sorry mistranslation previous message
      Hey Bryan and followers,
      I was recently paid by this faucet.
      Very easy to do and almost no ads, and no redirects.
      These are the claim rates for the moment:
      After 10 minutes = 6 Satoshi
      After 15 minutes = 8 Satoshi
      After 30 minutes = 14 Satoshi
      After 1 hour = 23 Satoshi
      After 4 hours = 43 Satoshi
      After 1 Day = 100 Satoshi

  66. benjiegorio

    Hi Bryan,

    I just registered on your website. Great list! I was wondering about the list of faucet sites you mentioned above, can you collect from these sites with the use of any mac laptop or mac computer? Am sorry, it’s a stupid question, I am just new to the Mac world and planning to buy a secondhand Macbook pro for collecting coins. Hope to hear from you soon.



    • Bryan Chaffin

      I withdraw directly from CoinPot, manually. Payments have been working fine from there. It sounds, though, like you were on auto withdrawal? There may have been a change with those.

      But check on your CoinPot balance.

  67. mholecek1000

    It looks implemented another restriction. Users who dont gamble can newly activate hihjest bonuses. In my case, I can not activate 100 and 50 REWARD POINTS / ROLL. 25 works. It states :”Sorry, you are not eligible to redeem this bonus, please pick a smaller one. Play MULTIPLY BTC and buy lottery tickets to be eligible to redeem larger bonuses.”
    (i stated it here too and other guys in some topics have the same problems. ). Seems like antibot measure. Shame they dont announce all changes officially, i believe this bad changes will make users upset and go after them in the end.

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