Several weeks ago, Apple removed app management from iTunes, and The People were immeasurably saddened. Recently, iMazing has added app management, direct from the App Store, giving The People reason to rejoice boisterously. True, iTunes 12.6.3 allows some app management, but that’s not officially supported. Here’s how you can manage apps in iMazing.

Getting iMazing Onto Your Mac or PC to Manage Apps

If you don’t already have iMazing, you can download the free trial from DigiDNA’s website for the app. You can, of course, do much more with iMazing than just manage your apps. It’s a complete iOS backup utility, maintaining incremental snapshots of your devices a la Time Machine for the iPhone or iPad. With iMazing, you’re also able to dig deep into the underpinnings of your iOS device, from the file system to the console. It’s also the best way I know of to archive text and voicemail messages.

Try it out, realize you can’t live without it, and then purchase a license. A single license for one Mac or PC will set you back $39.95. The Universal license, which allows you to install the app on up to two computers, is $49.99. There’s also a Family option for $69.99, which provides you with licenses for iMazing on up to five computers.

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P.S. I purchased the license and it is truly iMazing. Just wish there was some more detailed documentation…