Smart Home Gifts for Your Holiday Shopping

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Like it or not, the holiday buying season is here. World-wide chip shortages mean if you are buying electronics for your loved ones, you should start sooner rather than later. We’ve put together a buying guide for those people on your shipping list who love smart home gifts.

Best Smart Home Gifts for Your Loved Ones

If someone you know wants a start on smart home gear, there are a few great options. These range from simple devices that turn a normal electrical outlet into a smart outlet to full smart lighting options complete with the ability to set up automations.

Wemo Smart Plug Makes Your Electrical Outlets Smarter

The easiest way to start getting into HomeKit is to get your small appliances on board. You do that using a Wemo Smart Plug, turning that boring electrical outlet into a smart home device. Plug in the Switch and add it to the Home app on your iPhone. Then, plug in your lamp, coffee maker or any other small appliance you want to control groom your phone.

Create an Automated Lighting Scene with Nanoleaf

Next, there’s Nanoleaf. This company makes some gorgeous lighting options, including stunning pieces of decor and light strips. You can score a great deal from Best Buy on an Apple HomePod mini plus enough Nanoleaf Essentials LED light strips to really light up your room. That HomePod mini is the key to helping your loved one automate their smart home devices with HomeKit.

Nanoleaf Lines smart home gifts

The new Nanoleaf Lines will let your favorite smart home enthusiast create beautiful geometric lighting designs. The individual Lines join together in whatever shapes you can think of. Each one has two individual light zones, allowing you to blend colors together.

Nanoleaf is running more promotions all through November and December on its other products, including its Shapes and wood-grain Elements devices.

Freshen the Air, Smartly

We all want our homes to smell good, but traditional air fresheners can be boring and inefficient. Plug-in fresheners run even when you aren’t home, but the Pura smart scent diffuser changes that. It features two fragrance chambers and scheduling, so you can have it switch from one scent to another for variety. Pura supports scheduling and geofencing, so you can program it to change scents and intensities throughout the day. It can even detect when you’ve left home and turn itself off, preserving the fragrance for when you actually need it.

Help Kick Your Loved One’s Smart Home Into High Gear

There’s so much more a person can do in the smart home arena. If you have someone on your gift list already doing the smart home thing with lights and electrical plugs, help them step their game up a notch. These products will make home security, entertainment, and much more smarter than ever before.

Eve Products to Help With Home Security and Monitoring

For home security, you can’t go wrong with Eve. The Eve Cam sets the gold standard in home security surveillance, using Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video to make sure nobody can access your video activity without your permission. Get it from Amazon with free Prime shipping here.

Eve Light Strip

There are plenty of other great Eve products to smarten up your home. From smart electrical outlets and power strips to sensors that monitor your doors, windows, and even possible flooding, Eve has what your smart home lover needs. Check out the complete product lineup and holiday promotions on Eve’s Amazon store page.

A Smart Home Gift to Help Them Sleep Better at Night

For that really special person on your shopping list, consider a gift that will help them sleep better at night for many years. The ReST smart bed offers unparalleled comfort. It uses a combination of gel-infused memory foam and multiple body zones that adjust to your sleeping position to provide the most luxurious sleeping experience you can imagine. It can even analyze your sleep cycles to let you know how well it’s working.

Integrate Home Entertainment with HomeKit

There’s no reason your loved ones shouldn’t be able to include entertainment in their smart home setup. Whether it’s a HomePod mini, Apple TV, or HomeKit-compatible smart TV, they can control everything from their iPhone or using their voice.

Start them off with a HomePod mini or Apple TV, so they can use automations and also step up their entertainment. To really delight your loved ones, hook them up with an LG 4K UHD Smart TV. They might also be able to get a 3-month free trial to Apple TV+.

Help Your Loved Ones Get Smart This Year

All of these ideas are great for any smart home, whether your loved one is already deep into HomeKit or just getting started. You’ll be the star of the holidays, providing them with a gift that makes their daily life easier, more efficient, or just more fun.

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