Page 3 – Configure Email and Social Media on Your New Mac and Sync with iOS Devices

Configure Your Email and Social Media Accounts

Next up, you may want to configure your Mac to connect to your email and other online accounts. For example, if you want Google Calendar to show up in macOS Sierra’s Calendar app, you’ll need to set that up. You can also link with your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts from here.

Internet accounts

Configuring your Internet accounts is the logical next step.

Synchronize With Your iOS Devices

Got an iPhone or iPad? Of course you do, and you’ll want to link them up with your Mac. You can do this via iTunes, or you can choose one of these alternatives. My personal favorite is iMazing, because of all of the advanced features and tricks it offers. If you decide to stick with iTunes, though, you’ll find setting up synchronization to be easy and painless.

iPhone and iTunes

Synchronizing your iOS device with iTunes is easy

What Else Should You Do?

Your new Mac is set up and ready to go, but there’s still more you can do. You should visit the App Store and see what’s available. It’s also a good idea to settle on your anti-virus software. You probably already know what apps you want and need, and now’s the time to go get them. Most importantly, though, enjoy your new Mac.

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