macOS High Sierra: How to Check a Flight Status Using Spotlight

High Sierra’s made it even easier to check the status of a current or upcoming flight by using the ever-handy Spotlight functionality! All you’ve gotta do is start by clicking on Spotlight’s magnifying-glass icon in the upper-right corner of your screen…

macOS High Sierra menu bat Spotlight Icon

…or pressing Spotlight’s keyboard shortcut, which is Command-Spacebar. After you do either of those things, you can just type the airline and flight number into the search bar that’ll appear, like so:

macOS High Sierra Spotlight Window showing flight search results

If you end up with multiple results in the left-hand list like I did, you can click through them to find the particular flight you’re looking for (and get a lot of information on it).

Pips on Info Window showing more information is available from macOS High Sierra Spotlight flight search results

As I’ve indicated above, you can also tell that you’ve got more than one result by the little pips at the bottom of the right-hand pane. This’ll indicate that you could swipe to view each of the results in turn if you’d rather do that than click them. Cool! I know High Sierra doesn’t have a ton of new features, but I really like this one. Now I just need to fly more to get an excuse to use it.

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