Shopping around for auto insurance quotes is never fun, and it’s rarely easy. Sure, there are web pages you can visit to get quotes, but they’re sometimes difficult to understand and use. This is especially true if you’re on a mobile device, which most of us are. One tech startup is looking to change how you get insurance quotes with the introduction of a Facebook Messenger bot. Let’s look at how it works.

A car crash - hope the driver had auto insurance

If this happens to you, it’s important to have good auto insurance (Image Credit: viganhajdari)

Link up With the Insurify Chatbot

To get started, all you have to do is visit Insurify’s chatbot introduction page (or directly to the Facebook Messenger account, if you’re already using Facebook Messenger), which will lead you into the service itself with just a click or a tap. You’ll begin with an introduction to Insurify, and a Get Started button that you tap on to kick off your path to cheaper auto insurance. Note that when you tap that button, Insurify will be able to see all of your public information.

Insurify's Chatbot is waiting to help you shop for auto insurance

Just tap “Get Started” to begin getting your auto insurance quote from Insurify

Provide the Chatbot With Essential Information

The Insurify chatbot will ask you a series of questions. For most of them, you can just tap on a button providing the correct answer. For example, you’ll tell Insurify how many cars you want to insure, your marital status, and the information about the car or cars you want to insure.

When it comes time to tell Insurify about your vehicle, you can either enter the year, make, and model or send the chatbot a picture of your license plate. You can also just type in your license plate number, and Insurify will do the rest.

Some of the questions Insurify asks to get you an auto insurance quote

Insurify asks a series of questions to customize your auto insurance quote

Digging Deeper Before You Get Your Quotes

Insurify will also ask where you’ll be garaging your vehicle, as well as your date of birth. The process also asks if you’re employed and currently have automotive insurance. The one piece of information Insurify doesn’t currently ask for is your driving record or driver license information. The developers behind Insurify say that question is coming soon, but for now, know that your quotes might not be accurate if you have a spotty driving record.

Insurify asking about education, employment, and housing

The chatbot asks about your education, employment, and housing, too.

Getting Your Auto Insurance Quotes

Once all of the information is collected, the service will recommend how much insurance you should purchase, based on your marital status, whether or not you own your car or your home, and the value of your vehicle. You can choose this recommendation or customize how much insurance you want to buy.

Insurify's recommendation for how much auto insurance I should carry

Insurify provides you with a recommendation for how much auto insurance you should carry

Once you decide, you’ll be provided with several quotes you can choose from. Note that at any point, you can also choose to talk to a human. You know, if you get tired of talking to a chatbot.

Insurify's auto insurance quotes

After you’re done answering questions, Insurify provides you with several auto insurance quotes to choose from

An Easy, If Not Completely Accurate, Way to Get Insurance Quotes

Insurify is definitely a cool chatbot on Facebook Messenger, and it’s easy to use. If you are a leadfoot driver or have accidents on your record, though, the quotes you see might not be very accurate right now. This is bound to change, though, as the developers add more to the chatbot. For now, I’d say it’s worth a try just to get an idea of possible savings, especially if you have a clean driving record.

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