macOS High Sierra: How to Change Screenshot Location With Terminal

Besides removing screenshot shadows, here’s another screenshot hack. You can change screenshot location in macOS if you don’t want them showing up on the desktop. This way you won’t have screenshots being uploaded to iCloud Drive if you turned Documents and Desktop┬ásyncing on in macOS High Sierra.

Change Screenshot Location

To change screenshot location, open up Terminal and enter the following command:

Change screenshot location using a Terminal command.

defaults write location ~/Documents/Screenshots

If you don’t want them showing up in Documents either, just substitute whatever folder location you want. Next, enter the following command:

killall SystemUIServer

Keep in mind that BEFORE you enter the commands, you have to manually create a folder called Screenshots in Documents or wherever else you chose. Otherwise it won’t work and the screenshots will keep showing up on the desktop.

If you want to revert back to the default, enter this command:

defaults write location ~/Desktop

And then this one:

killall SystemUIServer

There, now you’ve successfully changed the screenshot location.

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