How to Use FaceID While Wearing a Mask

In our current, mask-heavy environment, the joy of using Face ID has been somewhat…reduced. Instead, we are having to return to the dark ages of typing in a passcode.

Skip Face ID And go to The Enter Passcode Screen

Wearing masks while going outside may be unavoidable right now, but if you want to make a call or reply to a message quickly you don’t want to have to wait for Face ID to fail. Instead, you can go straight to you to the passcode screen. When you get your phone out while you’re wearing a mask, instead of waiting for your phone to try and recognize you, you can tap where it says ‘Face ID’ on the screen. This brings up the ‘Enter Passcode’ option straight away.

This trick will help you access your phone just that little bit faster. After all, nobody wants to be the person in the queue waving their phone in front of their face while everyone is waiting.

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