Here’s How to Get the Developer and Public iOS 14 Beta

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One of the announcements at WWDC 2020 was iOS 14. It brings new features like encrypted DNS, home screen Widgets, App Library, and more. So where can you download the iOS 14 beta?

The Mac Observer recommends that you install beta software on extra devices you have lying around. Betas are full of bugs, and you don’t want to install it on your main devices.

iOS 14 Beta for Developers

RIght now the only iOS 14 beta available is the developer beta. It was released on June 22 and the current build is 18A5401v. You’ll need a developer account to download it.

To get started, visit this page and install the beta profile. Restart your device, then head back to that page to download it. You’ll want to read the release notes, which lists known bugs. Here is one such issue:

Updating to iOS & iPadOS 14 beta from previous versions of iOS & iPadOS might take significantly longer than expected. Data loss could occur if the update is interrupted. (59101197)

iOS 14 beta coming soon

iOS 14 Beta for Public

Apple always released the public beta once the developer beta has been in the wild for a couple weeks. The iOS 14 beta for non-developers hasn’t been released yet, but Apple said it will be out in July, usually mid- to late-July.

You can get a head start by visiting this page, where you can sign up to be in the beta program if you’re not already part of it.

This article will be updated once the iOS 14 public beta is out.

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