iOS 11: How to See Your Purchased Apps List in The App Store

The App Store got a major redesign in iOS 11, and one of the things that changed is the purchased apps list. It’s in a slightly new location, and it may not be intuitive for everyone because it’s different than iOS 10. Here’s how to find your purchased apps list and re-download them.

iOS 11 Purchased Apps List

In iOS 10, you could find the list by tapping the Updates icon at the bottom, then the Purchased tab at the top. Now in iOS 11, there are different tabs at the bottom, and the list is hidden.

  1. In the upper right corner, you should see your profile picture. Your photo shows up no matter which tab you tap (except search).
  2. In the profile section, you’ll see a tab to view your Apple ID, the Purchased tab, and ways to redeem a gift card or code.
Location of the purchased apps list in iOS 11.
Location of the purchased apps list in iOS 11.

Once you tap on the Purchased tab, you’ll see a list of all of the apps you’ve purchased, and ones that aren’t on your phone at the moment. If you have Family Sharing enabled, you can see the apps that your family members purchased too. In your purchased apps list, you can swipe right on each app to hide it from the list. You can tap on the cloud icon to re-download them too.

If you want to find an app that you’ve bought in the past, there is a handy search bar here. Personally, I think it would be helpful if Apple broke down your purchased apps list by year. It would be neat to see the apps you’ve bought back when you first got an iDevice.

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