iOS 11: How to Use Notes Stationery Across Devices

In iOS 11 Notes, you now have stationery options to use with sketching.¬†Apple is bringing great, new features to Notes in iOS 11. These include pinning notes, scanning documents, and even new text formatting. If you like to sketch in Notes, the new Notes stationery options give you more flexibility. Here’s how to enable it.

iOS 11 Notes Stationery

The stationery refers to Lines & Grids, which give you graph paper grids in your Notes, as well as notebook lines. You can turn on Notes stationary on your iPhone and iPad, but not your Mac. Additionally, it can only be used if you’re sketching; you can’t enable it when you’re adding text.

  1. You can find Lines & Grids by creating a new note and tapping the Share button in the upper right of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap Lines & Grids on the bottom when it shows up.
  3. You’ll see a screen that gives you different line and grid options.
  4. Once you tap on the option you like, start sketching!
Image of choosing notes stationary.
Choosing notes stationery.

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