macOS: How to Prevent Tracking in Safari macOS High Sierra

This tip comes to you courtesy of Macworld. When Apple announced macOS High Sierra at WWDC, a feature they showed off was called Intelligent Tracking Prevention. Safari uses machine learning to prevent tracking in the browser, specially cross-site tracking. Here’s how to enable it.

Prevent Tracking in macOS High Sierra

The Webkit team did a great job with this feature, but it’s sure to piss off the advertising industry, especially the “Tracking Industrial Complex.” But Apple places a greater emphasis on its customers’ privacy, and that is what really matters.

Safari 11 privacy settings

  1. Open Safari and go to Preferences (press ⌘+,, or Safari > Preferences in the menu).
  2. Click on the Privacy tab in the window that pops up.
  3. You’ll see a new Website Tracking section with two items: Prevent cross-site tracking, and Ask websites not to track me. The latter is also found in macOS Sierra and is equivalent to a Do Not Track setting. However, most websites won’t voluntarily honor this setting, and aren’t even legally obligated to do so.

Apple also streamlined cookie blocking in Safari 11. Instead of having the usual settings like Always block, Allow from current website only, Allow from websites I visit, Always allow, in macOS High Sierra you just get the option to block all cookies, as Intelligent Tracking Prevention does the rest.

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