macOS Sierra supports picture-in-picture (PiP). Melissa Holt showed us how to access PiP using on-screen controls, but she’s some kind of wizard and the rest of TMO‘s staff don’t have those controls. Fortunately, Dave Hamilton found a second method for watching in PiP mode. It’s a touch—curious?—on how to get there, but I’ll walk you through it.

Method 1 for Sierra Picture-in-Picture Mode

But first, you don’t need Method 2 if you have the on-screen controls Melissa showed us. That control is a little button on your video player, as shown below.

The Arrow Points to the Sierra Picture-in-Picture Control

The Arrow Tells the Tale

If you have that button, click it and you’re off to the races.

Method 2 for Watching PiP

If you don’t—and we don’t know why anyone would see anything different—here’s another way to enable PiP mode. On a video site, say YouTube, right-click in the middle of the movie to bring up a set of YouTube-supplied HTML 5-based controls. In the example below I’m trying hard not to lose my cool watching The Kills play “Impossible Tracks” on Colbert. I clicked at the top right corner of that pop-up menu.

YouTube On-Screen Menu

YouTube Video with On-Screen Menu

With that on-screen menu still up, right click somewhere else in the video. That brings up a Sierra-supplied contextual menu, where I can choose “Enter Picture-in-Picture.” Again, I clicked at the top left corner of the contextual menu.

Sierra Picture-in-Picture Contextual Menu on YouTube Video

YouTube Video with Sierra Contextual Menu

Choose that, and the movie will unfold from YouTube and snap to the nearest corner of your Mac desktop. You can only access this particular Sierra contextual menu if the HTML 5-supplied pop-up menu is on screen first.

Stay tuned for another tip on moving it around.

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