iOS 13.3: How to Set Screen Time Communication Limits

Apple released iOS 13.3 yesterday, and it brought something called Screen Time Communication Limits. Here’s what that is, and where to find it.

iOS 13.3

This feature lets you control who can contact you via Messages, FaceTime, and Phone. You can find this by going to Settings > Screen Time > Communication Limits. Here you’ll see two types of limits.

Allowed Communication

This limits who you can communicate with during allowed screen time. There are two categories of people: Everyone and Contacts Only. Selecting the latter means that you can only communicate with people in your iCloud contacts list.

In this area there is also a limit for groups called Allow Introduction in Groups. If you turn it on, people can add you to an iMessage group chat if one of your iCloud contacts or a family member is in the group.

Screenshot of screen time communication limits in iOS 13.3

During Downtime

Downtime is a feature of Screen Time where you can schedule time away from your device. It’s similar to Do Not Disturb except that it’s aimed at yourself. During Downtime only apps that you choose to allow and phone calls will be available to use.

Screen Time Communication Limits lets you also choose who can contact you during Downtime. There are two categories: Contacts with Introductions and Specific Contacts.

You should also know that when Communication Limits is on, you’ll still be able to contact known emergency numbers identified by your carrier.

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