How to Stop Seeing Yourself on Zoom Calls

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We’ve all spent a lot of time on Zoom this past 18 months. A lot of time. Which often means a lot of time staring at yourself. ¬†According to some research from Stanford, having ‘self-view’ switched on can actually contribute to Zoom fatigue. Turning it off is easy, and may help reduce that tired feeling when you’ve been stuck in meetings all day.

Stop Seeing Yourself on Zoom Calls

To turn off self-view on Zoom:

  • Right-click on your image, or the ‘…’ at top of it.¬†
  • Click ‘hide-self view’

There are some good reasons to make sure you can see yourself when on a Zoom call, at least from time to time. You might want to check your colour balance or the angle your camera is at, for instance. You can turn it back on by right-clicking again in the call and the option to ‘show self-view comes up. It can also be achieved by going to the square in the top right corner of the call. As well as being able to switch between speaker and gallery view, the ‘show self-view’ option is also there.

Also, please remember – you can no longer see yourself but the other participants on the Zoom call can. Your camera is still on, so behave accordingly!

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