Here’s What You Can Do When You See Suicide Threats on Social Networks

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Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have made it remarkably easy for anyone to share their thoughts online for the world to see, which can be really compelling. But what if you see a post on a social network that sounds like a suicide or self harm threat? We checked the big social networks to see how you can alert them to those messages, and how they can help.

iPhone with helping hand
Check out these resources for helping someone who is threatening suicide on social networks


It’s pretty easy to alert Facebook to suicide and self harm posts. Just click in the upper right corner the post, choose Give feedback on this post, and pick Suicide or Self-injury. Facebook will look in to the post and take steps to help ensure the person’s safety.


Twitter offers an online form users can submit to flag a post as suicide-related. You can include a link to the tweet, or just the Twitter handle for the person that posted it. Twitter also has a Help page with additional suicide prevention resources.


Instagram’s suicide and self harm reporting system works much like Facebook’s. That’s no surprise since Facebook owns Instagram. To report a post, tap above the post, tap Report, select It’s Inappropriate and choose Self injury. You can see Instagram’s suicide and self harm prevention resources on its Help pages.


Instead of a form or in-post flagging system, Snapchat offers a list of suicide prevention resources grouped by country for suicide and self harm prevention. They also say you can use the service’s support form to report concerns if you aren’t comfortable sharing the resources page.


If you’re concerned about someone on Discord, there isn’t a form to fill out. Instead, you need to send an email to [email protected] explaining the situation. Discord will follow up with the person to get them help.

Additional Suicide Prevention Resources

Here are some additional resources in case you, or someone you know, is considering suicide or self harm.

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  • Thank you. This information cannot be posted too often. I occasionally have run across messages on Tumblr that sound like calls for help. Any idea if there is a mechanism built into Tumblr?

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