The Mac Observer’s iOS 10 Tip Roundup

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iOS 10 is chock full of cool new features, and The Mac Observer has been digging through Apple’s newest mobile operating system to find the stuff that’s going to make using your iPhone and iPad easier. Check out our iOS 10 tips and tricks for Messages, Music, 3D Touch, and more.

The Mac Observer's iOS 10 tips list

It’s learnin’ time! Check out TMO’s list of cool iOS 10 tips

Message for You, Sir: Getting the Most out of iMessage

Come Find Me: Going Farther with Maps

Touch-a-touch-a-touch Me: Haptic Feedback, 3D Touch, and More

Stop the Presses: PDF Printing in iOS 10

Tune In: Playing Music on Your iPhone and iPad

Next up: tips for files, security, Health, and more

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  1. JustCause

    Is it me or did Apple change the Alarm and Mute switch behavior in 10.0.2? The Alarm sound would play even if the Mute switch was on, now it just vibrates.

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