Manage Your Email and Internet Accounts in iOS 11

manage your email

You’ve gotten your feet wet with iOS 11, but one nagging problem is still eating at you: how do you manage your email and Internet accounts? You used to see all of your Mail accounts in a specific place within the Settings app, but that option just isn’t there anymore. Not to worry. You still have an easy and quick way to configure new and existing email accounts, once you know where to look.

manage your email
Email account settings have moved in iOS 11, but I’ll show you where to find them

A New Name to Manage Your Email Accounts

Now, you’ll see an option right above Mail in the Settings app. That option is labeled Accounts & Passwords, and it’s a combination of two different options from previous versions of iOS. In this Settings panel, you can now manage your saved passwords as well as all of your Mail accounts. To get there, just go to Settings, and scroll down until you see Accounts & Passwords. Tap on it, and you’ll see all of your email accounts.

manage your email accounts
Email accounts have moved here, to Accounts & Passwords, which just makes sense

If you tap on an email account, you’ll notice that it looks precisely like it always did. An Add Account option near the bottom allows you to set up a new email service, and Fetch New Data is there to toggle Push email off or on.

Managing App and Website Passwords

New to this part of Settings is App & Website Passwords. This gives you access to your iCloud Keychain, or your iPhone keychain if you don’t have the former enabled. This is where you can view, change, or delete saved passwords from your iOS device. It’s much more handy than having to dig into Safari’s settings, the way we used to access the information. Of course, if you use 1Password for all of that data, this won’t mean much to you.

While the change might be a bit confusing at first, I think it’s a wise move. We’re doing more than ever on our iPhone and iPad devices, and having our passwords and other internet account configurations in one place just makes sense. I think you’ll agree that this is one change that’s definitely for the better.

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