Quick and Dirty Way to Add Limited Symbols to 1Password Passwords

1Password Login Screen

Here’s a quick and dirty way to add a symbol to a 1Password-generated password, courtesy of Mac Geek Gab listener Brett. This can be particularly useful when you’re generating a password for a website or service that (inexplicably) limits which special characters you can use. Here’s how to do it.

Firstly, I recommend strong passwords, and I use 1Password to generate them. I shoot for passwords I could never remember, and count on 1Password to do that remembering for me. Gimme a unique 20-24 character password with capital letters, numbers, and special symbols, and I’m a happy camper.

MGG listener Brett takes a similar approach. He noted that when encounters a login system that only lets you use a limited subset of characters, he just keeps generating new passwords until he gets a random one with just the right characters.

“The other day,” he wrote, “I clicked regenerate 23 times (yes, I counted) to finally get a valid password.”


Adding Specific Symbol to a 1Password Password

Brett’s quick and dirty solution is to set the number of symbols generated to 0. That might look like this:

1Password generated password with 0 symbols
1Password generated password with 0 symbols

Once there, you can then click somewhere in the generated password and add whatever you want, say a valid symbol for that site. In the screenshot below, I added a # in the middle of the password, but you could add however many valid symbols you wanted.

1Password generated password with an added symbol
1Password generated password with an added symbol

Thanks, Brett!

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One of my favorite and most recommended apps!!!