10 Must Have Apps You Should Download Right Away


Screenshots of NavClock, one of our must have apps.

NavClock is an advanced clock and weather app. It’s great for sailors, pilots, hikers, or anyone in need of features that a basic app can’t give you: astronomical, nautical, civil sunlight times; maidenhead coordinates for ham radio operators; pressure, density altitudes, and ceilings; maps view of the nearest weather station with data including METAR, and so much more. | NavClock: US$0.99


Deliveries is a package tracking app. You can track multiple packages from multiple carriers, including international carriers. UPS, FedEX, USPS, DHL, TNT, Canada Post, City Link, and Royal Mail are just some of the supported services. It also integrates with Apple’s Calendar, so you can get a calendar event for your package’s estimated arrival time. | Deliveries: US$2.99 for a limited time, otherwise it’s US$4.99.

Flight Update Pro

Screenshots of Flight Update Pro, one of our must have apps.

Flight Update Pro is a flight tracking app that gives you flight statuses and schedules. You can track and search for flights worldwide; get detailed departure and arrival information; and track incoming aircraft to your departing gate. It integrates with Apple Calendar, and automatically syncs with your TripIt account. | Flight Update Pro: US$9.99.


Halide is a great replacement for the iPhone’s stock camera app. It gives you manual control over exposure and focus (with focus peaking), a histogram, adaptive level grid, and support for RAW. | Halide: US$2.99


Screenshots of Bobby, one of our must have apps.

Bobby is an app that tracks your subscriptions. You can choose from hundreds of existing services or add your own, set the first bill date and calculate your monthly or yearly payments. You can get reminded when a bill is due, so you never have to pay late fees. | Bobby: Free

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