2018 Oscar Nominees: Best Picture Movies on iTunes

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The 2018 Oscar nominees are here, and it’s a big list full of great movies. We searched for the movies in the ‘Best Picture’ category and found them in iTunes. For the full list you can visit the Oscars website.

2018 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture

call my by your name movie poster, one of the 2018 oscar nominees.Call Me by Your Name

Seventeen-year-old Elio Perlman lives in Northern Italy with his translator mother and professor father, who welcomes American doctoral student Oliver to help with his work for the summer. The cultured yet shy Elio is impressed with the confident Oliver, and their friendship blossoms into a relationship that transforms his life. | iTunes

Darkest Hour

darkest hour movie poster, one of the 2018 oscar nominees

Controversial politician Winston Churchill is appointed prime minister during the early days of World War II and is faced with the momentous choice of continuing to fight or trying to parlay with Hitler. With the fall of France imminent and the possibility of a German invasion of Britain looming, Churchill knows his decision will affect the entire free world. | iTunes


dunkirk movie poster, one of the 2018 oscar nominees

In the Spring of 1940, hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are trapped by German forces on the beaches of Dunkirk in northern France. The terrain precludes the use of large ships, compelling the military to request that civilian boats join the rescue efforts. While soldiers endure attacks and wait in fear, the RAF provides cover for the hundreds of small boats sailing the 26 miles from Britain. | iTunes

Get Out

get out movie poster, one of the 2018 oscar nomineesPhotographer Chris Washington is nervous about meeting his girlfriend Rose’s parents for the first time, especially when he learns that she has not told them that he is black. Their awkward behavior, along with the oddness exhibited by their two African-American servants, puts Chris on alert but even so, he is unprepared for the family’s true motivations. | iTunes

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