2018 Oscar Nominees: Best Picture Movies on iTunes

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Lady Bird

lady bird movie poster, one of the 2018 oscar nomineesStrong-willed teenager Christine McPherson, who has dubbed herself Lady Bird, yearns to leave her hometown of Sacramento and attend college on the East Coast. Her equally opinionated mother, Marion, who is struggling to provide for her family, tries to prepare her daughter for life’s inevitable heartbreaks while also encouraging her to be her best self. | iTunes

Phantom Thread

In 1950s London, middle-aged couturier Reynolds Woodcock is at the height
of his fame and creative powers. His sister Cyril helps to manage his precisely ordered world, but when he falls for a younger, high-spirited waitress, Reynolds finds that his new muse has transformed his life in more ways than he thought possible. | iTunes

The Post

In 1971, Washington Post owner Kay Graham, the first female publisher of a
major newspaper, and executive editor Ben Bradlee debate whether theyshould publish the top the post movie poster, one of the 2018 oscar nomineessecret, politically sensitive Pentagon Papers. Facing certain legal action, the pair must decide if their duty to inform the public is more important than protecting their careers and the paper itself. | iTunes

The Shape of Water

In 1962, janitor Elisa Esposito works at a classified government laboratory that tests new technology to help defeat the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Isolated and lonely, the mute movie poster of the shape of water, one of the 2018 oscar nomineesElisa finds her life changing forever when she uncovers the truth about the facility’s most unusual and top-secret project. | iTunes

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Several months after the rape and murder of her teenage daughter, Mildred Hayes is so furious that the case remains unsolved that she commissions three billboards questioning the town’s respected sheriff. The prickly Mildred’s actions escalate tensions throughout the town, provoking movie poster for three billboards, one of the 2018 oscar nomineesintense reactions from all involved. | iTunes


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