5 2019 Amazon Prime Day Deals in Electronics

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For 2019 Amazon Prime Day the company chose to make it last two days, yesterday and today. We’ve found five deals in electronics you might be interested in.

Eve Flare Portable LED Lamp


6 hours of untethered illumination. Wireless charging. Durable casing with IP65 water resistance. Plus a carry-and-hang handle. Eve Flare is built to go from your bedroom to your balcony to your garden and beyond – virtually wherever you need a pop of light. Works with HomeKit. US$99.90eve flare portable lamp 2019 amazon prime day

nonda USB Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter

Introducing the world’s smallest USB-C to USB-A adapter. Use it to charge up your phone and other standard USB devices or transfer data at USB 3.0 SuperSpeed (up to 5Gbps). Made out of durable aluminum alloy, the mini adapter comes in 3 colors to match the new MacBook 12-inch. US$7.052019 amazon prime day nonda USB Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter

Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (6ft)

Sturdy braided nylon envelops a bulletproof fiber core, ensuring a lifespan thirty times longer than other cables. Guaranteed by a hassle-free lifetime warranty, it’s the only cable you’ll ever need to buy. US$13.992019 amazon prime day Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (6ft)

FIDO U2F Security Key, Thetis

Thetis FIDO U2F Security key with aluminum folding design provide a strong authentication to login account in addition to password via the USB port. U2F protocol: Universal Second Factor service that allow user to add a strong second factor device to user login. (The key doesn’t support OTP or UAF protocols). US$12.202019 amazon prime day FIDO U2F Security Key, Thetis

LENTION USB-C Hub with USB 3.0 Ports and SD/TF Card Reader

USB 3.0 Card Readers, providing speed up to UHS-I (95MB/s), much faster than most card readers in the market. Three USB 3.0 ports with data transfer speed up to 5 Gbp/s. Connect up to three USB devices simultaneously while transferring data from the SD/TF Card (One Card at a time). Lightweight and appropriate size for carrying around. US$17.842019 amazon prime day LENTION USB-C Hub with USB 3.0 Ports and SD/TF Card Reader

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