4 Apps To Help You Achieve Work Life Balance

It may seem counterintuitive at first to suggest apps to manage work life balance. But there are some apps that could help you stay on track. Smartphones are a necessary tool in today’s world, and we might as well use them efficiently.


Forest can help you achieve work life balance.Forest is an app that attempts to counter smartphone addiction in a fun way. You start by planting a seed in your forest. It will gradually grow into a tree, but if you leave the app to check Facebook, Twitter, or something else, the tree will wither and die. It’s based on the Pomodoro technique, and you can compete with friends, earn rewards and unlock more tree species, and best of all, you can help plant real trees on Earth. Forest also has browser extensions. | Forest – US$1.99

Balance Me

Balance Me can help you achieve work life balance.Balance Me is a supplement to a book of the same name. It helps you measure where your efforts go each day and chart the progress towards a more balanced you. You can set goals, give each day a score using the Activity Value Scale, see where more work needs to be done, and plan each day with harmony in mind. | Balance Me – Free


HabitMinder can help you achieve work life balance.I wrote about HabitMinder several days ago, and it’s worth discussing here too. It helps you create good habits by letting you track multiple things in your life. Whether you want to drink plenty of water each day, get enough sleep, exercise, or start meditating, HabitMinder can help you lead a better, healthier life. | HabitMinder – Free

Success Coach

Success Coach can help you achieve work life balance.Success coach is a goal tracker and life coach in one. The Success Wizard is a life management system that helps you plan, focus, and achieve lasting results. You develop a personal roadmap to success, achieve goals, and boost your productivity to get things done. | Success Coach – Free

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