5 Hidden macOS Features Make Your Life Easier

hidden macOS features

Clefmeister the Tipmeister is back, this time with five hidden macOS features. Yesterday, we covered some terrific iOS tips, so it’s time to show the Mac some love. These range from letting you be specific about who knows you’ve read their text messages to getting a better view of a Word document or photograph. Some of the features have been around since OS X Mavericks, but they all work on macOS Sierra and the High Sierra developer beta.

hidden macOS features
Your Mac or MacBook has several hidden macOS features that you might want to know about (Image Credit: Jankuss)

1. The First of the Hidden macOS Features — Getting Song Lyrics in iTunes

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber and use iTunes on your Mac, you’ll be pleased to know you can access song lyrics without ever leaving the app. If you click the “Up Next” button to the right of the status window, you’ll see a tab for lyrics. Check it out, and quit getting those song lyrics wrong.

Lyrics in iTunes - hidden macOS features
Say what you will about iTunes, but at least you can get lyrics for your tunes

2. Two Ways to Turn on Do Not Disturb

You can have Do Not Disturb scheduled to turn on at specific times, but what about when you need it during the day? That’s actually easy, and there are two ways to do it. If you’re in the Notification Center already, simply pull down the panel until you see Do Not Disturb. If your Mac supports it, you can also enable Night Shift mode from there.

As an alternate way, you can just Option-click the Notification Center icon in the status bar, and Do Not Disturb will turn on.

Do Not Disturb button in Notification Center - hidden macOS features
Hidden away atop your Notification Center, you’ll be able to turn on Do Not Disturb

3. Delete Apps From Launchpad

Say what you will about Launchpad, but it does have one hidden gem. You can delete apps from your Applications folder using Launchpad, just like you can from the Home Screen on iOS. Simply bring up the Launchpad app, and press the Option key until the apps start wiggling. You’ll see “X” symbols in the apps you can delete, so go ahead and clean up your Applications folder. Technically, you should be using an app cleaner, but you like to live on the edge.

Launchpad delete apps - hidden macOS features
Although under appreciated, the Launchpad turns out to be a handy way to delete unused apps

Up next: more hidden macOS features!

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  • Quick Look is something I use all the time. Once, I even watched an entire TV episode by using it. But even more kewl; if you have saved to your desktop the URL of a specific web page, it will open with Quick Look also–even when the web page has motion graphics or video!

  • It has been my experience that too few songs have lyrics available through iTunes or Music. I try to find them on one of the lyrics website, copy and paste them to the song using Use Custom Lyrics. On more than one occasion I have transcribed the lyrics.

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