5 Hidden macOS Features Make Your Life Easier

hidden macOS features

4. Set Individualized Read Receipts

If you want to turn on or off read receipts just for one person in Messages, you can do that. All you need to do is click on Details beside that person’s name, and turn Send Read Receipts on or off.

Send read receipts in Messages - hidden macOS features
You can turn read receipts on or off on a per-contact basis in Messages for macOS

5. Filter Unread Messages in macOS Mail

As another hidden macOS feature, the Mail app now allows you to filter your unread messages. At the top of the messages pane, you’ll see a circle with an upside-down triangle. Just click on that little button, and Mail will filter your email, showing you only unread messages.

Filter unread email messages in Mail - hidden macOS features
Filter unread messages in macOS Mail with this almost-hidden button

Bonus Tip: Quick Look at Documents and Images

As one last tip, the Finder has a Quick Look feature. After you’ve single-clicked on a document, image, or other types of files, press the space bar on your keyboard. A quick preview of that file will show up, along with the option to open it in the correct app.

Quick look in Finder - hidden macOS features
Quick Look gives you a sneak-peek at your files

What is your favorite hidden macOS feature? Tell us about it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “5 Hidden macOS Features Make Your Life Easier

  • Quick Look is something I use all the time. Once, I even watched an entire TV episode by using it. But even more kewl; if you have saved to your desktop the URL of a specific web page, it will open with Quick Look also–even when the web page has motion graphics or video!

  • It has been my experience that too few songs have lyrics available through iTunes or Music. I try to find them on one of the lyrics website, copy and paste them to the song using Use Custom Lyrics. On more than one occasion I have transcribed the lyrics.

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