5 iOS 12 Features You May Have Forgotten About

iOS 12 is going strong, and it has a high adoption rate amongst iPhone customers. We’ve put together a list of five iOS 12 features you may have forgotten about. A lot forgotten features involve 3D Touch.

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1. 3D Touch Flashlight

I’ll start off this list by writing about something I forgot about. It was actually introduced with iOS 10 but it’s still a relevant (and handy) shortcut. If you pull up Control Center, you can 3D Touch the flashlight icon to adjust the brightness.

2. Managing Notifications

Apple makes it a bit easier to manage notifications in iOS 12. On a notification banner, you can 3D Touch or long press and tap the three dots to access options. Or, swipe left on a banner and tap Manage.  You can have notifications delivered silently, or turn them off altogether.

3. Cursor Mode

3D Touch on the keyboard to enter cursor mode. For devices without 3D Touch you can long press on the spacebar. This lets you easily move the cursor and quickly select text.

4. Bedtime

Bedtime is an iOS 12 feature that works in tandem with Do Not Disturb. Bedtime is a sleep tracking feature in the Clock app. If you use it, go into Settings > Do Not Disturb. Turning the Bedtime toggle on will completely silence notifications during the night.

5. iMessage Effects

There’s a camera mode in iMessage that lets you add fun stickers and other effects when you take a selfie. When you’re in a text message, tap on the camera icon, then the star icon in the bottom left.

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Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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