5 Wooden Holiday Gifts for an Eco-Friendly Home

MagSafe material dock

Wood is having a come back since the Woodies of the 60s and 70s. Wooden products give your home a friendly, organic feel, and it’s also an eco-friendly renewable resource. We’ve found five wooden holiday gifts for you to consider.

Oak Gerstner Toolbox

From iFixit, made of red oak hardwood and red oak veneers, this chest provides protection from moisture, plus tongue and groove joinery insures strength and durability. IPhones, chargers, cables, and other accessories will love making this product home. US$139.99

Oak Gerstner Toolbox

Qi Wireless Charger

Oakywood Shop’s Qi wireless charger is a unique gadget with an original design, inspired by geometric shapes. It’s handcrafted in solid walnut or oak wood and stainless steel.Reach for the best, premium materials, and 10W fast wireless charging. US$89

Oakywood Shop’s Qi wireless charger

MagSafe Material Dock

The base of the Material Dock is milled from solid walnut, and given a matte finish. The backing Apple Watch piece is made of molded cork, an extremely bio-friendly material. The materials provide a lovely contrast to the glass, steel, and aluminum of the iPhone. Since the Material Dock base is made from solid wood, each one has a unique color tone and grain pattern. US$20

MagSafe material dock

Cover Up iPhone 12 Cases

Handcrafted in South Wales, iPhone 12 cases from Cover-Up include materials like real wood, real stone, and even sea shells. Combining modern and traditional craftsmanship, each piece of wood is laser cut, before being hand-sanded to create a super smooth exterior. US$35

Coverup rosewood iPhone 12 case

Walnut iPad Stand

This wooden holiday gift comes in walnut and maple varieties. It’s built with premium American hardwood and stainless steel, with merino wool felt to cushion and protect your device. Integrated cord management keeps your desk tidy. US$70

Walnut iPad Stand

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