5 Zoom Alternatives to Maintain Your Privacy

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Things just keep getting worse for Zoom, with multiple privacy violations and security issues found within its service. To help our readers I’ve found three Zoom alternatives to try, as well as two runner ups. It’s important to mention that I haven’t used any of these myself, but I want to spread awareness of these services. All of these are available on multiple platforms.


Jami gives you audio/video calls, screen sharing, conferences, and messaging. It’s a peer-to-peer service, a GNU project backed by the Free Software Foundation, and uses end-to-end encryption with perfect forward secrecy.

Screenshots of Jami app


Linphone is a VoIP service geared more towards one-on-one communication, but it does offer audio conference calls. It gives you voice, video, and text chats, using open telecom standards (SIP, RTP). It’s open source and uses end-to-end encryption.

Screenshots of linphone

Jitsi Meet

Out of all three of these services, Jitsi Meet is probably the closest to Zoom. It gives you fully encrypted video conferencing built with open source software. You can also edit documents with other people using Etherpad, another open source software.

Jitsi meet screenshots

Runner Ups


TrueConf gives you offline operation, end-to-end encryption, 4K video conferencing with up to 800 participants, collaboration on shared files and documents with group chat, screen sharing, polling, and recording.


Join.me offers video conferencing, audio conferencing, scheduling, personalized URLs, whiteboarding, presenter swapping, screen sharing, and more, protected with 256-bit TLS encryption.

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Searched the net for reviews of the Jami app. As of late 2019, looks like it’s not yet ready for primetime. ‘Glitchy but promising’ seems to be the typical verdict. Will keep watching that space.


Strange that you missed TrueConf https://trueconf.com/


Zoom is the best videoconferencing tool available, hands down. It allows even to save PowerPoint (or whatever) presentations with audio and laser pointer as movies with a surprising small size. And now is free during the coronavirus pandemic for academic institutions like schools and universities.

John Kheit

Great list. Join.me is another one.