4 Cases You Can Use to Disinfect Your iPhone

Yesterday I wrote about how to properly clean your device. I also wanted to find products that can disinfect it, and I found four cases with antimicrobial properties.

Tech21 Evo Check

Tech21’s Evo Check iPhone 11 case mentions antimicrobial protection among its attributes. It can also protect your iPhone from drops up to 12 feet and it’s made from plant-based materials. US$30

Image of tech21 antimicrobial case

Speck Presidio Pro

Speck’s Presidio Pro case gives you 10-foot drop protection with its special shock barrier that compresses to absorb shock. The finish is soft to the touch and can resist scratching, along with resisting bacteria. US$22.49

Speck’s Presidio Pro case


CuVerro uses copper as a coating for its case. Copper and its alloys like brass and bronze are naturally antimicrobial. When cleaned regularly it can kill 99.99% of bacteria within 2 hours. These cases are specifically for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. US$9.99

CuVerro Case


NueVue offers an attractive Napa leather iPhone case. It’s different than regular cases though. They call it a case but it’s more of a sleeve, because it covers your iPhone front and back. The inside is lined with antimicrobial microfiber, so this is more of a cleaning tool to slide your iPhone in at the end of the day. US$51

Image of nuevue case

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