8 Back to School Tech Products For Your Kids

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It’s that time of the year again. Kids are going back to school, and we’ve rounded up eight back to school tech products.


Image of Story Chips.Looking to get creative this back to school season? StoryChips by Chipp’d is a platform that makes it easy to link custom content to almost any physical item using a range of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, including QR codes, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Products that help combine technology and art.


Back to school means more staring at screens all day. Enter EYEFORCER, one of a kind smart eyeglasses that help you keep your neck and spine in the right position, protecting your body from the injury and pain of Text Neck. The glasses are coupled with an app that triggers flashing lights on your glasses and/or texts on your smartphone or tablet whenever your neck is incorrectly positioned giving you a gentle reminder to fix your posture. The glasses also feature special lenses that protect your eyes helping to eliminate Digital Eye Strain.


Image of Lay and go bag.This is the perfect back-to-school lifesaver for a tech guru! Lay-N-Go is a useful bag that helps organize cords and tech gadgets. Perfect for storing adapters, battery chargers, and Bluetooth accessories. Easily pack converters, cords, and MP3 players, then spread them out and GO. Clean up has never been so easy.

Cube Tracker

Are your kids notorious for losing things at school? With the Cube Tracker, just tag, ping and find them with ease. Use it to find their backpack, jacket, or lunch pail. When that thing is lost, ping Cube with your mobile phone to make it ring. I also recommend attaching one to your car keys! Losing things can be stressful and time-consuming, take on the school year with confidence with Cube Tracker.

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