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Cord Skinz

Image of CordSkinz.No more pulling tangled cords out of your pocket or backpack. CordSkinz is A lightweight, flexible skin that fits over your headphone wires. It protects and gives you a tangle-free experience every time. Made in the USA, this product comes in nine different colors making it easy to match your style and personality. This earbud wire covering is an accessory and protector all in one.

Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis’s newest compact Bluetooth sound machine offers Sound Oasis quality at a great value. Its small size and great sound quality make it perfect for the new dorm room. This travel sized Bluetooth speaker and sound machine can create the perfect white noise experience to help you drift off into a deep, natural sleep.


Image of Aroma Tech essential oils.Perfect for the new dorm room, AromaTech knows how to create a unique ambiance in any environment with a variety of scents in essential and aroma oils. Each fragrance is made to diffuse with AromaTech’s state of the art scent diffusers, no dilution necessary. AromaTech’s high-quality performance oil diffusers are made with your space in mind. Each product is uniquely designed to cover small, medium and large spaces.


This tracking device will revolutionize the way we locate anyone or anything worldwide without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Tracer Locator utilizes the latest in cellular network technology to keep tabs on people, pets and important tech tools without the dependency on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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