This AI Privacy Policy Tool Makes it Easier to Find Good Companies

End User License Agreements aren’t the only thing written by lawyers, for lawyers. Privacy policies can be confusing too, but luckily there are a couple of tools to help. An AI-powered privacy policy tool called Polisis, and a chatbot called PriBot.


Polisis provides a summary of a company’s privacy policy, and presents it in an interactive, visual display. It tells you what information the company collects from you, what it shares with other companies, how it secures that data, and more. You can try it here. There is also a Chrome extension and Firefox extension.

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Screenshot of Polisis, a privacy policy tool.


If you prefer to use Safari, or if you’re on your iPhone or iPad, there is another tool called PriBot. It’s a chatbot that does the same thing as Polisis, except in a different format. Give it the URL of the company, then it will spend a couple of seconds analyzing the privacy policy. You can then ask it questions (and it suggestions questions) in a conversational manner.

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Screenshot of PriBot, a privacy policy tool.

These are both great tools to use, and it makes it easier to find out how a company treats your data before you start using a service. Now if only there were an AI that generates a user complaint to send to companies with bad privacy practices.

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