Your Apple Data Download Can Tell You How Much You Spent

Thanks to GDPR Apple is letting its customers download a copy of their data. I recently got my Apple data download and I found something interesting. Since it contains a list of all the content you’ve ever bought with an Apple device, you can calculate how much you’ve spent.

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Apple Data Download Spending

So if you’ve gotten your download, you’ll see a bunch of folders that contain spreadsheets.

Screenshot of my Apple data download spreadsheet.

  1. Look for a spreadsheet called “iTunes Downloads.csv.
  2. You can open in up in Numbers, or the spreadsheet app of your choice.
  3. There are a bunch of columns, but you’ll see one that contains prices. Free apps just list “0E+00.”

So in whatever program you’re using, you can add a row below the last one, then use a SUM formula to automatically add them all up. If you have more spreadsheet-fu than me, you’ll probably be able to break it down by year. As you can see from the screenshot I took, this also includes recurring subscriptions.

I didn’t spend as much as I thought: since 2011 when I got my first Apple device (iTouch 5th gen) I’ve spent US$2,171.

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