Back to School 2019: 5 Affordable Products for College Students

The fall semester nears for college students, and we’ve rounded up some affordable products that won’t break the bank in our Back to School 2019 guide.


I’ve been using Visible ever since I reviewed it, and I love it. It costs US$40/month for unlimited everything. This summer they also removed their data speed cap. Visible is a prepaid carrier that uses Verizon’s network, so you know you’ll get great coverage across the United States. You can also get up to a US$200 prepaid Mastercard when you sign up.

 back to school 2019 visible

Apple Card

Speaking of Mastercard, you might want to check out Apple Card. People who signed up to be notified earlier this summer have been able to get it early. For everyone else it will launch later this month. If you’re a young person who needs to start building credit, try to apply. Goldman Sachs has been issuing Apple Cards for people with low credit scores. Open iOS Wallet, tap the plus button in the upper right corner, and tap to apply.

back to school 2019 Apple Card

PopSockets PopWallet

This little wallet attaches to the back of your smartphone, and it’s perfect for storing money, credit cards, and your student ID. You can buy it here for US$19.99.

back to school 2019 popwallet


Worried about roommates stealing your stuff? Tile is a little Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to something and keep track of it. You can buy a single Tile for US$30, or get a 3-pack or more.

back to school 2019 slim tile

College Cookbook

Speaking as a former college student, I know you’ll be tempted to live on ramen or eat out. But going out to eat is expensive, and a ramen-only diet isn’t great. Just don’t live on animal crackers for three days like I did. Cooking your own meals is cheaper and satisfying. You can buy this for US$14.30.

back to school 2019 college cookbook
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