For fun, let’s look at how you can check how much time TextExpander has saved you. If you haven’t discovered the joy that is this autotyping wonder yet, this could be a good incentive to try it out. On the other hand, those of you who are on the fence about the new subscription model might be interested. Knowing about time saved using TextExpander is also a handy bit of information to have if your subscription is about to run out and you want to make sure it’s worth it to renew.

Time saved using TextExpander

Using TextExpander, you can save a lot of time

Checking Your Time Saved Using TextExpander

It’s important to note that this tip only works with TextExpander version 6 and later. The team at Smile Software thought it would be nice to visualize how much time you’ve saved using the software. In other words, how many more movies and television shows have you been able to binge watch since you began using TextExpander?

To get this information, just launch the TextExpander main window. On my Mac, I do this by clicking the TextExpander icon in my menu bar then clicking Open TextExpander. Just right of the top and center of the window, you’ll see a button labeled Statistics. Click on that.

time saved using TextExpander

Check Statistics to find out how much time you’ve saved using TextExpander

You’ll be able to see how many snippets you’ve expanded, how many characters TextExpander has typed for you, as well as hours saved. For that last one, you can put in your own typing speed to get an accurate estimate of time saved.

Checking how much time you've saved using TextExpander

Check how many hours you’ve saved by using TextExpander

A Case For or Against Continuing to Use TextExpander?

With Smile Software’s new subscription model for TextExpander, this is a handy tool to have. When you check your statistics, bear in mind that every hour you save using the software is productivity time. Multiply that by your typical hourly wage, and see if the subscription is worth it or not. With the latest craze in app monetization being subscriptions, I’m sure this kind of information is handy to decide whether you should keep paying for the software or not.

How much time has TextExpander saved you? Let us know in the comments. If you aren’t already a subscriber, you can get TextExpander for US $3.33 a month if you pay annually. Otherwise, it’s $4.16 per month for a personal account.

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